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Julie Oliver, right, Democratic candidate for U.S. House District 25, prepares to put campaign literature on the door of a registered voter in Killeen Saturday alongside Clayton Tucker, Democratic candidate for Texas Senate District 24.

KILLEEN — While Rep. Roger Williams, R-Austin, was in Copperas Cove last Friday introducing a new broadband bill, which is intended to benefit local communities and school districts, his Democratic opponent Julie Oliver was joining her supporters in dropping off campaign literature in Killeen.

Oliver is looking to unseat Williams in U.S. House District 25. She faced him, and lost, in 2018.

The purpose of the campaign literature drop was to encourage those to get out and vote. Early voting for the election ends Friday.

So far, Oliver is encouraged by the amount of people to vote early.

“Bell and Coryell County residents should feel good about the fact that their neighbors are showing up to demand better—but we can’t let these numbers lead us into thinking we can sit this one out,” Oliver said via email Tuesday.

Three precincts in Killeen vote for the District 25 race, and Oliver said the three districts are important to her success in the election.

She said that in 2018, 70% of the voters from the three Killeen precincts supported her campaign.

“Every part of this district deserves a representative in Congress who will fight for them to have healthcare, for better paying jobs, and to bring down prescription prices,” Oliver said in the email.

One Killeen couple who hit the streets on Saturday were James Story and his wife, Doris.

“I feel strongly that Julie Oliver needs to be in the U.S. Congress for us,” Story said.

Story added that he appreciates Oliver’s experience and knowledge in health care.

Prior to going on the “block walk,” Oliver addressed the more than a dozen supporters who volunteered to join.

“And, y’all, we couldn’t do this without you,” she said Saturday. “I cannot believe that all eyes are on Texas right now. It is extraordinary that the nation is watching us.”

Oliver said that with all Killeen has been through, such as underfunded schools, roads and bridges and other important local services, she was not surprised to see the amount of people that showed up to educate their neighbors on why the election is so important.

Joining in the “block walk” was Clayton Tucker, Democratic challenger for Texas Senate District 24.

“There is so much potential here in Killeen, but we have to get Killeen to the polls,” Tucker said Saturday.

Oliver said via email that Killeen has been underrepresented in the past, but she said she is confident that the community can come together to lift each other up and accomplish great things.

Tucker’s campaign manager, Kristin Wright, said she and her fiance constantly pull reports of registered voters who have not yet voted, so they can encourage them to vote.

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, the campaign literature was left at the door and no contact was made, unless the resident came out of the house.


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