OK, you have the Buzzin, Wobblin, Propin and Poppin down when it comes to baits, so it’s time to move on to the Dartin and Frogin.

Let’s begin with the Dartin.

Like all other baits, there is a wide assortment of darting baits out there. They come in multiple sizes and various shapes, but what I have found and the one that produces for me is the Rapala Skitter Walk in black back chrome body.

The best thing with this style bait is you can work it anyway you want. Slow, medium or fast and based on how you twitch your rod, you can make them do whatever you want it to do to attract the bite. They are very versatile.

Yo-Zuri’s 3DB Pencil bait is another great example. These are more of a top water finesse bait than those we have talked about before, but you can make them work for you and the fish. They can be fished like a floating jerk bait, or like walking the dog, or as a splash bait.

It’s totally up to you and the way you employ them. I’ll be very honest with you — this is NOT my preferred baits, but sometimes they do produce better than my favorites. Who make the decision as to what is best — the fish.

Now, frogin, that’s a different story. I love frogs during the summer, especially if the shallows have matted up and there is no way to get anything through it, unless you are a fish. Or if the grass has grown up to either just below the surface or to the surface.

Throwing a frog and walking it with small short quick hops on the surface drives a bass crazy and it will shoot up through the grass and attack it with a passion. But you have to fish the frog in several ways to find out what the fish really like.

Just casting them out and slowly retrieving them back over the mess may catch one once in a while, but the more “true” frog-like action you can give to the bait with your rod tip and retrieve, the better fish you’re going to catch.

Let’s discuss frog types first. If you walk into any of the sporting goods stores, you will quickly realize there are a lot of different styles of frogs. From the Rebel Buzz’n Frog that looks like a frog with its legs tied together and has the same action as a buzz bait to the BPS Kermy Frog, which has skirted legs and a soft plastic hollow body that you have to make sure you dump the water out or the action will not be the way you need it.

Well, to me, the selection of frog is again based on the water you are fishing. Grass just below the surface a Buzz’n frog will work fine, but if it’s totally matted on the surface your buzz’n frog will not buzz, only get tangled up in the goop.

So if it’s all matted up, you have to go to either the Lunkerhunt Combat Frog with the plastic legs or the SPRO Bronzeye frog. These types will walk across all the scum without getting all tangled up.

OK, my favorites are the SPRO and the Scum Frogs with the solid skirt tail. Remember in my “Poppin and Propin” article, I talked a little about how much I like the SCUM Frog.

It’s true they are great. But most of all, they have caught me a lot of fish that I could not have reached with anything else.

The next time you’re out on your favorite lake and all that scum have built up around the shoreline, don’t get upset, just pull out the frog and go to work.

Make sure you send me the pics to Hook_up66@yahoo.com and I’ll make sure they are featured in one of my articles. Make sure you provide the lake, time of day and the frog you used.

Well, get out there and throw that frog and catch a big ’ un.

Jasper Johnson is the Copperas Cove Bass Club secretary. To contact him about the club or for any questions, call 318-218-0358 or email Hook_up@yahoo.com.

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