Acupuncture is a relaxing experience. Surprised? Most are, since we do use needles. Consider it a natural alternative to Western medicine. We use short filiform needles and various acupuncture point combinations to treat the body of numerous ailments, such as chronic pain, sleep problems, emotions and digestive upset.

Every person is uniquely made and we treat you in just that manner. Your symptoms may be the same as a neighbor, but your treatment may be completely different. The practice as a whole is not meant to bring more pain to the body but to assist the body in healing from the inside out.

We all possess a natural ability to heal. However, because of environmental and physical stresses, over time we slowly break down that ability and venture onto the path of illness and disease.

Our society has become accustomed to using pharmaceuticals to get through the day and then slowly became dependent on those aids for maintenance. With acupuncture, we call upon the body to heal and rid itself from toxins by placing it back into homeostasis, or balance. When balance is optimal, there is no illness.

People of all ages can benefit from acupuncture and Oriental medicine. This includes infants to the elderly, men and women.

For infants, we teach new parents how to use herbal tinctures for teething, or Tui Na (Chinese massage) for colic or digestive upset. For someone recovering from surgery, the healing time can be shortened with regular treatments and even lessen scar tissue.

A reduction in pain can be significantly reduced after only one treatment. Most see a significant difference in one to three treatments. In the beginning, more frequent visits are recommended. Then, as your body heals, you will need fewer treatments because your body will maintain a better balance and immunity will be heightened.

Though symptoms can be reduced or eliminated entirely over a course of treatments, allow me to clarify something: There is no magic needle. In severe cases, a person who has a history of illness or pain for 10 to 15 years may require a longer course of treatment.

Let’s be honest. It took you a while to get to that point, so a few treatments most likely will not do it. However, over the course of six months to a year, you could be on a better road to health, with more energy, less pain, a possible reduction in medication and a feeling of “life” again.

Elissa Andreas is a certified acupuncturist with a master’s degree in Eastern medicine.

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