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Copperas Cove City Manager Ryan Haverlah, standing right, gives the Cove City Council an update on the U.S. Business 190 median construction project on Tuesday, Jan. 7, 2020.

COPPERAS COVE — The U.S. Business 190 median project is coming to Copperas Cove and should begin before the end of this year.

City Manager Ryan Haverlah gave the Copperas Cove City Council on Tuesday an extensive update on the progress of a Texas Department of Transportation project to construct medians along U.S. Business 190 from Constitution Drive to Avenue D. The scope of the project would retain three lanes on each side of the roadway while building a raised median that will limit where drivers can turn left along the approximately 1.3 mile project corridor. Sidewalk improvements and a dedicated bike lane on the south side of the corridor are also included in the construction plans.

The presentation included maps showing how the new medians would be placed, how traffic patterns would be affected and where new crosswalks would be placed along the corridor. It also included a timeline that shows the completed construction plans are due to be submitted to TxDOT this month. A final TxDOT review will be done between March and April, with bids for construction scheduled for May. The project should begin in the summer or fall of this year.

Haverlah added during the meeting that the hope is to complete the median project by the end of 2021. At that time, TxDOT and the city plan to focus on widening the U.S. 190 bypass to four lanes.

Some Copperas Cove residents and business owners have lobbied against the project. Among the objections were the location and safety of crosswalks and the elimination of the left turn lane that allowed direct access to businesses along the project corridor. Others dislike spending money on what has been called a beautification project, especially when so many other streets in the city need resurfacing and repairs.

A total of just over $11 million has been allotted for the project, including just over $1 million in city government funds. An additional $420,000 has been contributed by Keep Copperas Cove Beautiful through the Governor’s Community Achievement Awards to help with beautification along the corridor.

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Elected officials in Copperas Cove have never been known for their intelligence. Now they're going to reduce traffic lanes in preparation for closing the bypass to make it wider. You can bet once construction starts on the bypass that was improperly built to begin with, there will be no choice but to then drive through town using fewer lanes and limiting where you can turn.

Your merchants said they didn't want medians. Your residents said they didn't want medians. The people who transit your city on a daily basis said they didn't want medians. It's time your voters wake the heck up and show they no longer want you!

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