Jeanette Meadors

Jeanette Meadors

Hard-working, punctual, and focused on students. That is how S. C. Lee Junior High Principal Brian Jost describes instructional aide Jeanette Meadors, the school’s 2021 paraprofessional of the year.

“Mrs. Meadors has been a standout instructional aide for the last three years, although she has worked in the district supporting students for six years.” Jost said. “Her willingness to cover classes, cover duty, and lead the other paraprofessionals during duty times has been extremely beneficial in the unique circumstances we are experiencing in school due to the pandemic.”

Jost cited the example of encouraging students to social distance during the lunch period.

“As we do during class periods, that continues at lunch. I asked Mrs. Meadors to make sure that lunch begins and ends on time, students are released to the lunch lines at appropriate times, and that other paraprofessionals are at duty to supervise the students,” Jost said. “There are many times in our instructional day that administrators have meetings or observations that may take us out of the lunchroom. I can rely upon Mrs. Meadors to be there, on time, and ready to accept students.”

Meadors is no stranger to the cafeteria. She began her career in the district in 2014 as a child nutrition department employee where she also served as a substitute cook in 2016. In 2017, Meadors was hired as an instructional aide to specifically meet the needs of Title 1 students before transferring to the S. C. Lee Junior High campus in 2018 where she has worked as an instructional aide as well as the receptionist.

“Mrs. Meadors impacts all students that she comes in contact with because she is supportive,” Jost said. “Mrs. Meadors is a (physical education) aide, lunch duty monitor, and works with students who use Edgenuity, one of our online learning platforms. Mrs. Meadors uses this time to engage students in their work and update them on their progress.

“These are just a few of the examples of the type of employee Jeanette Meadors is. Our school and our students are better for having her on campus.”

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