Evette Tali

Evette Tali

While the pandemic has been hard on everyone, no one knows that more than Evette Tali who has taken on more jobs than ever before as a paraprofessional at Mae Stevens Early Learning Academy.

Principal Leah Miller said no one realized how integral Tali truly is to the school’s day-to-day operations.

“Because of the pandemic and a shortage of substitutes when school started last year, Ms. Tali would come to school daily with no idea of the role she would take on,” Miller said. “Almost daily, she would assist in a new classroom where the teacher or aide had to be absent without

warning. Not once did Ms. Tali complain or question her assignment. She simply taught and assisted to the best of her ability with any student she came into contact within the school.”

Just as the new normal of the school year was becoming more of a routine, Ms. Tali was asked to step into a new role again. When another paraprofessional was absent for several weeks due to maternity leave, Tali took over her duties.

“In addition to covering in classrooms each day, Ms. Tali planned family nights, provided media coverage of campus activities, and developed opportunities for parents to continue receiving educational training through parenting and academic classes,” Miller said. “Not once in all this

time did Ms. Tali balk at what she was asked to do. Her can-do and positive attitude became infectious on campus, and it became a year when our staff came together and decided to make a difference every day for everyone they encountered.”

Tali was named the 2021 Mae Stevens Early Learning Academy Paraprofessional of the Year.

“I know that Ms. Tali continues to come to work every day wondering just what new adventure she will take on and conquer,” Miller said. “Her attention to detail and her ability to turn a negative into a positive ensured that students knew they could count on her and everyone else for whatever they needed to succeed.”

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