Romella Spitzer

Romella Spitzer

One of the magical mysteries associated with twins is that they share a special connection beyond that of ordinary siblings. While the twin bond is a unique relationship, sometimes it’s endowed with extraordinary qualities. The Spitzer twins, Romella and Noah, are no exception. The two are inseparable.

When the pair entered the Miss Five Hills Scholarship Program last year, it was a great experience for them both. However, Noah ascended to the crown, but Romella did not place in the court or capture the crown.

This resulted in Romella setting her sights on what her brother had achieved, since the duo is very competitive with one another.

“I entered the pageant after watching my twin brother work hard at getting books and putting the little library together for students that were just like him and love to read. This was his community service project,” Romella said. “I thought of ways I could make a difference, in our community and the ways I would go about making that difference happen.”

As a contestant, Romella selected her platform of service as Autism Awareness. After winning the crown, she went to work to draw awareness to autism in honor of her sister, Samantha.

“I saw my mother working with my oldest sister who is autistic and how she communicates with her iPad, doing some sign language and trying to help her try to speak where she is understandable to others not in our family,” Spitzer said. “I started asking my mom a lot of different questions about how and why my sister uses the technology and if she had them while she was in school.”

Romella has been working the last several months to organize Chocolate Fantasia Art-ism Gallery Stroll that will include not only chocolate delights and faux champagne, but also works of art by Copperas Cove ISD’s special education students.

“Since being crowned I have been giving the chance to see things from a different light,” Romella said. “I have been blessed to work alongside some amazing peers and learn from them and their platforms. I have learned that working as a community is rewarding and can change how a person really sees others in their community.

“We as a community need to work hard and to continue working hard to keep our community beautiful. I have taken a pride in working with Keep Copperas Cove Beautiful, helping plant flowers and trees and pick up trash and paint picnic tables.”

Romella is also involved in scouting and the Leave No Trace project.

“I want to always make the world a more beautiful place with art and the environment,” Spitzer said. “If we all work together, we will all have a better place to live.”

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