A project that has been in the works for years is set to finally begin Nov. 30.

The Texas Department of Transportation will begin work to construct medians along U.S. Business 190 from Constitution Drive to Avenue D. The scope of the project would retain three lanes on each side of the roadway while building a raised median that will limit where drivers can turn left along the approximately 1.3 mile project corridor.

Jake Smith, a spokesman for TxDOT said via email Wednesday that the general timeline of the project will be to begin with the sidewalk improvements, then the median and finally the lanes.

The sidewalk improvements include upgrading to a six-foot wide sidewalk, an eastbound five-foot wide bicycle lane and a westbound 14-foot wide outside shared-use lane, Smith said.

“Copperas Cove residents will benefit from this project in numerous ways. The project will improve safety by introducing a raised central median to divide westbound and eastbound traffic,” Smith said via email. “Access management will be improved by providing median openings including left and right-turns at most public roadway intersections and optimizing driveway placement along the corridor.”

Smith said the project should be complete in its finality by the summer of 2022.

TTG Utilities, Inc. of Gatesville is the contractor for the project.

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A LARGE number of citizens and business owners fought hard to prevent this chaos, but the city council didn’t listen and pushed it through by the thin margin of 4-3. It’s sad that some people see this as a ‘beautification project’ when all it’s going to do is limit access to dozens of businesses that heretofore are efficiently able to reach simply by turning on your blinker and safety move into the unhindered turning lane. Get ready for “progress” y’all.

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