Hillsdale Cemetery

A historic marker sits at Hillsdale Cemetery in west Coryell County.

Located in a remote part of western Coryell County, Hillsdale Cemetery is one of those historic cemeteries that needs a little upkeep.

Laresa Fowler Yick is treasurer of the Hillsdale Cemetery Association. She lives not far from the cemetery, as well.

“It’s been around for a long, long time,” Yick said. The oldest graves date from the 1880s.

Hillsdale Cemetery is still active, though, with an average of five burials per year.

The cemetery also recently doubled in size, when a donor deeded another acre to the south of the current land.

“We hired someone to put in a retaining wall and fence” around the new section, Yick said.

The Hillsdale Cemetery Association is a group of volunteers who have taken responsibility for the upkeep of the cemetery. That includes marking where the graves are and where vacant plots are, Yick said. “It’s really time-consuming.”

Maintenance is another area the association handles.

“We used to have work days at the cemetery twice a year, in the spring and fall,” Yick said. “People brought hoes, shovels and clippers” to do the routine maintenance.

“We hire someone to mow the cemetery now,” Yick said.

Another concern is that the cemetery slopes from west to east, according to Yick. “Some of the tombstones are really leaning,” she said. “I don’t know exactly what we’re going to do about that.”

At the association’s annual meeting May 19, nine members gathered to discuss “a lot of things,” Yick said. They are planning to get together soon for a real workday, which would include removing trees which are growing up in the old graves, and keeping the graves from getting completely overgrown.

Hillsdale Cemetery is on Farm-to-Market 1783.

Anyone interested in helping with cemetery upkeep or joining the Hillsdale Cemetery Association, can contact Yick at 512-768-3864 or via email at handlfowler@gmail.com.

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