Running late in the morning with no time for breakfast?

No problem.

Make a quick stop at the local doughnut and pastry shop, grab a couple of nice, fresh sausage kolaches and head on in for another day at the salt mines.

But wait.

Not so fast.

Those warm, tasty treats in that little paper bag — guess what?

Those are not really kolaches.

Despite what the menu says, those soft, doughy, sausage-filled goodies (also made with cheese, jalapeño, ham) originally brought to the U.S. from Czechoslovakia are called klobasneks, not kolaches.

Sit up straight now and pay attention. This gets a little confusing.

One definition of kolache is this: “A pastry that holds a dollop of fruit.”

A klobasnek is: “A sausage wrapped in dough.”

In short, if it is sweet, then it is a kolache. If it is not sweet, it is a klobasnek.

To be even more accurate, the word kolache is plural, meaning more than one. A single pastry that holds a dollop of fruit is a kolach. Two sausages wrapped with dough is a pair of klobasniky.

Either way — sweet or not sweet — kolache and klobasniky are both popular items and central Texas has at least two of what pastry aficionados consider the best places in the state for picking up a few of either one or both.

Just a short drive up Interstate 35, about 20 minutes north of Waco, the city of West boasts The Czech Stop, a popular stop for hungry travelers heading north. The menu includes such choices as fruit; lemon cream cheese; blueberry, apricot and strawberry cream cheese; sausage and sausage with cheese; jalapeño sausage with cheese; breakfast sausage with cheese; brownies; lemon bars; muffins; cupcakes; cookies and fruit pies.

Also on the list of stand-out Texas kolache makers is Green’s Sausage House in Temple. Located about 20 minutes east of downtown on State Highway 53, the café and bakery traces its beginnings back to the 1800s and features such made-fresh-daily menu items as:

Sausage; sausage and cheese; ham and cheese; jalapeño cheese link; sausage and kraut; knockwurst with jalapeño and cheese; boudin with jalapeño cheese; sausage, egg and cheese; cream cheese; cottage cheese; cherry; apricot; prune; pineapple; poppy seed; peaches and cream; blueberry and cream; and strawberry and cream. Homemade cookies are also available, along with a variety of meats and cheeses to take home (bacon, pork, beef, turkey, jerky, cajun-style boudin, braunschweiger, knackwurst, weiners, picnic links; hot pepper jack cheese; green onion cheese; baby Swiss; Longhorn and mild Wisconsin cheddar; Muenster; dill Havarti; American; and ghost pepper.

After you get back and put away the groceries, head on over to Fort Hood’s Belton Lake Outdoor Recreation Area (BLORA) for some fun-filled family activities. Located at the intersection of North Nolan Road and Cottage Road, the facility offers such things as camping sites, picnic pavilions, hiking, sightseeing, bird watching, hunting, fishing, mountain biking, paintball, a 53-foot outdoor climbing wall and an archery range. Admission for military patrons is $3 per car; all others are $10 per vehicle.

The Recreation Equipment Checkout Center, located within the garrison 14 miles southwest of BLORA, is available to authorized Family and MWR patrons and offers such equipment rentals as kayaks, canoes, wake boards, skis, knee boards, tubes, camping equipment, pop-ups/travel trailers, accessories and more. Visit for more information.

Fort Hood’s Apache Arts and Crafts Center is open 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. Tuesday through Friday, and 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. Saturday for those interested in do-it-yourself projects, including picture frames, ceramics and ceramics birthday parties for kids. Also offered at the center, 761st Tank Battalion and 62nd Street, Building 2337, is screen-printing, embroidery and a wood shop.

The center has a Resiliency through Art program that offers a quiet area with art materials for soldiers to create “whatever comes to mind.” It is available free of charge to all active-duty soldiers during the week until 5 p.m. Soldiers may take their work with them, or leave it at the center to be displayed for others to see. For more information, contact MWR.

For some relaxing indoor entertainment, head on over to Central Texas College’s Mayborn Science Theater in Killeen and its ongoing lineup of new weekday matinees, classic movie showings and Laser Friday presentations. Saturday matinees run all day, and weekday matinees are on Wednesdays. For complete show descriptions, directions, membership information and more, go to

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