Local military spouse and Killeen resident Miriam “Miso” Nowon wears many creative hats. From a very young age, Nowan wrote short stories before turning to poetry, song writing and, most recently, a children’s book.

“Honey in the Woods” started as an assignment at Florida State College at Jacksonville, where Nowon was attending for a certification in creative writing in 2012.

Soon, the idea began to flourish into an interactive fairy tale, rich with vocabulary, Spanish and reader creativity.

“I’ve always been a lover of learning,” said Nowon. “When I initially wrote the story, it was just for fun and as a challenge. Once I realized I wanted to turn this idea into a book for the public, I knew I had to bring in an educational element.”

The book follows a little girl who meets three bears while venturing into the woods in search of the perfect flower for her mother. The “color and read” book unfolds in a blend of literacy, storytelling and lessons in friendship and the healthy parent-child relationship.

Nowon said she owes the book to her daughter, Jada Solomon, 11, who is the inspiration for the main character.

“Had my daughter not been in my life, I don’t think this story would have came out at all,” said Nowon. “She was a huge part of it and she’s been able to see process as time has gone on. Now, since she’s older, she’s able to help with creative design, editing, website creation and social media set-ups.

“I wanted to show her that it all starts with an idea in your head and that we were able to manifest this idea with our hands. I’m glad that we were able to share that and grow together.”

Nowon’s husband, Sgt. Josephus Nowon, was deployed to Germany in October of this year. He will continue his service there for seven more months before returning back home. Josephus Nowon has previously been deployed to Afghanistan, Iraq and Korea. This will be his second trip to Germany.

“My husband’s been so supportive,” said Nowon. “He was always behind the idea and it was nice because we were on the way to drop him off for his deployment when he read the whole book. Having a spouse in the military is a challenge because you never know where you’re going to be, but it also gives you time to work on you and what you want to do.”

“Honey in the Woods” was made possible by a crowdfunding kickstarter campaign Nowon created in October. She set out with a goal of $625 and ended with $960. She said the book was a collective effort with help from her college professor, her daughter, mother, husband, friends, publishing coach, mentors and local teachers and parents from the Killeen Independent School District.

“The most humbling part of this for me is that people that I don’t know are sharing my story,” Nowon said. “Writing groups are sharing it. I really would like to thank everyone for their support. I knew that I wanted to be a published author for a long time; I wrote it down so now that it’s here, I’m just so excited.”

She wrote the book under the pen name Miso Agogo, and it was illustrated by Kade Norman.

Nowon is a Florida and Georgia native and a military spouse, mother and freelance editor living in Killeen. She holds a bachelor’s degree in English, creative writing and drama. Nowon’s next steps are to publish “Honey in the Woods” in multiple foreign languages and to produce a play based on the story.

Copies of the book may be purchased at www.honeyinthewoods.com and on Etsy.

kbouchard@kdhnews.com | 254-501-7542

kbouchard@kdhnews.com | 254-501-7542

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