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Artie Phillips | Herald

Carl R. Darnall Army Medical Center Command Sgt. Maj. Kyle Brunell watches Super Bowl 53 at Samuel Adams Brewery on Fort Hood with his wife and daughter.

By Artie Phillips

Fort Hood Herald

The newly renovated Samuel Adams Brewery on Fort Hood — next to Club Hood — was bustling Sunday as soldiers and their families packed the pub for the business’s first Super Bowl viewing party. It was the New England Patriots versus the Los Angeles Rams facing off in Super Bowl 53, and people cheering for each team were in attendance at the event.

“I am a big Miami Dolphins fan, but since they aren’t in the Super Bowl and most of my family is back in the northeast, I am rooting for the Patriots,” Carl R. Darnall Army Medical Center Command Sgt. Maj. Kyle Brunnel said. “Even though I am a (Dan) Marino fan, I want to see Tom Brady win again.”

Despite losing the Super Bowl game last year to the Eagles, the Patriots still had five Super Bowl wins under their belt, making sure the Rams were still the underdog, with just one Super Bowl win. Despite — or, at times, because of — that fact, some game watchers at the Brewery were hoping for a Rams victory.

“I’m a Cowboys fan, but since my team isn’t in the Super Bowl, I like to root for the underdog,” retired Capt. Jillian Ambrose said. “We have watched a lot of games together, but not a Super Bowl game.”

Ambrose was watching the game with her friend, Angelica Salazar, who said she was also a Cowboys fan.

“I’m a diehard Cowboys fan, so we are just here watching the game for fun and rooting for the Rams,” she said. “If the Cowboys had been in the Super Bowl, I’d either be having a huge party at my house or I’d be at the game watching it live.”

The Super Bowl viewing party was the first official event held at the Samuel Adams Brewery, not counting it’s grand opening Jan. 23. At the time of kickoff, more than 60 patrons were at the Brewery, and staff were hoping to see between 100 and 200 people by the end of the game.

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