Danielle Singh

Assistant City Manager Danielle Singh told Killeen City Council members on Tuesday that it's necessary to extend their contract with consultant Robert Marbut by six months to ensure the city's strategic plan to address homelessness is successful.

After Assistant City Manager Danielle Singh warned that refusing to extend a consultant’s contract would doom a months-long plan to reduce homelessness in the city, Killeen City Council members reluctantly approved the request.

“We have not set up a nonprofit like this,” she said during a council meeting on Tuesday. “We’ve never attempted to address homelessness in this way. If city staff is doing this, we’re going to be doing it by trial and error and we’re not going to be doing it correctly every step of the time because we’re going to be learning as we go. I don’t think this is setting us up for success if we don’t move forward with this.”

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Gohyde, would you please share some specific examples, I know nothing about the consultant, however I am skeptical of the council's ability to make competent choices


Robert Marbut is a snake oil salesman. He rejects actual studies about what works and pushes regressive ideas about homelessness. None of his prior projects (often also called arbor of hope or some other obnoxious title) have shown meaningful results. And his "research" is mostly just spending a few days inside shelters and on street corners with his mind made up already about what he wants to push. It's embarrassing that people give this guy a platform, let alone money.

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