Louie Minor

Newly-elected Precinct 4 Bell County Commissioner Louie Minor of Killeen takes the oath of office on Jan. 3.

Some opponents to marijuana decriminalization have argued that elected officials who advocate for Proposition A in Killeen run afoul of their oaths of office. But one such representative — Bell County Commissioner Louie Minor — categorically denies that assertion.

“I think it’s nonsense,” he said. “As far as decriminalization and violating my oath, I’m the only one on the Commissioners Court who fought — went overseas and fought — to preserve, protect and defend the constitution of the United States.”

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The City of Killeen has the right to eliminate tax dollars to THC testing. The state will not fund it either as they already stated for low amounts. How can the say it's a crime without testing it, they would not even be able to take it away from you.

The city can set ordinance to limit or expand items as long as it does not go against the constitution. With Hemp and medical marijuana being legal it opens the doors to set standards. Especially when cities every day set standards and tickets and prices.

The state it's self decriminalized it medically but if I get pulled over I get treated like a criminal. I will get pulled out the vehicle treated like an animal and bossed around when even per the constitution I'm still within the law legally.

We need to catch up and fix these las and these relics are behind in the time.

As for punishment they could have took that out and left the oder of marijuana because only court proceeding have given those rights so far but slowly they are getting those fixed.


Face facts. Louie Minor was part of a national Guard unit that got deployment orders to Iraq. it was not of his choosing or out of the volunteer goodness of his heart. His support for Propostion A in Killeen is in direct violation of State and Federal Laws; the same laws he recently swore to uphold. As he was supporting "Prop A", he held no office whereby he was sworn to uphold State and Federal was. Now that he holds an elected office (after multiple, unsuccessful attempts throughout the larger, more conservative areas of Bell County) will he honor his sworn oath? That remains to be seen. Louie Minor is however a social activist with an immoral lifestyle ( Leviticus , ch. 20 verse 13) who made promises to voters he will not be able to keep. Though some may overlook the immorality of

this lifestyle choice, it reveals plenty about the person who makes that choice. If anything, his election should reinforce the need for voters to turn out and vote. In November 2022 only 38% of registered voters, voted, despite the efforts of Ground Game Texas to promote and illegal ordinance on the ballot in Killeen Texas. Citizens were deceived and duped by Ground Game Texas and Louie Minor.

The lesson here is : Be careful who, or what, you vote for. You just may get it.


I don't know if Minor is an "oathbreaker" but he is a liberal extremist on the wrong side of many issues. Putting him in office was a mistake that needs to be corrected.

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