The Stewart C. Meyers Harker Heights Public Library’s Summer Reading Club kicked off on Monday, and, in keeping with the club’s theme of “Reading is Magic,” it held a virtual magic show on Wednesday afternoon featuring Activities Center specialist Adam Trujillo.

There were actually two videos to watch. In the first one, Trujillo took viewers on a journey of sorts as he discussed how he got interested in magic himself, all the while performing series of magic tricks using his childhood magic set.

The first tricks performed were the magical coloring book (where images “magically” became colored, then blank again), appearing change, a single die that changed into several brightly colored plastic pieces, and a ball that disappeared into Trujillo’s handkerchief.

There was also a trick involving a “chick pan” that made several multicolored balloons appear, setting the stage for the second round of tricks.

This second round involved balloon magic. For the first balloon trick, Trujillo, also a master of balloon animals, made a balloon poodle, which he then popped into several pieces and put into a small brown paper bag. He blew up the bag, popped it, and the balloon animal appeared intact.

In another, he blew up a round balloon and passed a giant needle through it without the balloon popping.

Removing the needle, he then popped the balloon to show that the needle was, in fact, sharp.

Other tricks included passing a coin through a glass bottle, making a handkerchief disappear and then reappear inside a glass cube, and making water disappear from a cup.

There were also several rope tricks and card tricks — the latter included shuffling lessons (these would be a trick in themselves).

In the second video, Trujillo deconstructed three of these tricks for viewers to try at home, beginning with the rabbit-out-of-the-hat trick.

The second trick he deconstructed was the one involving the balloon animal in the paper bag; this one he modified using small toys, showing how one could “multiply” the items in the bag.

The third trick he showed involved guessing a number from a premade set of cards.

This, he said, would be good for older children with good math skills.

“Thank you all for stopping in and learning some magic with me,” he said at the video’s conclusion.

Both of these videos can be seen on the library’s Facebook page at .

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