Nine members of the Harker Heights Rotary Club and Satellite Rotary Club joined three volunteers and Shiloh Wester, manager of the Harker Heights Pet Adoption Center on Tuesday, to share not only supplies for the center but also a check for $2,441.

The two clubs have been holding numerous fundraisers over the last quarter of the year, and according to Wester, their volunteer spirits provided 650 pounds of food, 100 pounds of kitty litter and bedding in addition to toys and costumes.

The Rotary Club members who assisted in the fundraiser included Brenda Kitchenmaster, Robert Kitchenmaster, Stanley Allen, Carolyn Dugger, Angie Wilson, Gene Kocmoud, Bobby Whitson, John Footman and Mike Stegmeyer.

Volunteers participating in the check presentation were Stacey Wilson, Lisa Braswell and Beverly Price.

The fundraiser for the next quarter will be in conjunction with Chipolte being led by the Satellite Section of the Rotary Club.

According to Brenda Kitchenmaster, director of the Rotary Satellite Section, the funds raised will be used to provide items for the Harker Heights Police Department’s Blue Santa Program and the Harker Heights Fire Department’s Santa Pal Program.

This will be the second year that Rotary has contributed to the HHPD Blue Santa program.

It’s also the second time the club has sponsored a fundraiser in cooperation with Chipolte.

In March of this year, they were able to provide funds to the HHPD, as needed and provided assistance to the HHHS Interact Club for masks, which were donated to Harker Heights Elementary School.

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