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Destiny Delgadillo, 16, Harker Heights High School junior

Where are you from originally?

I was born in Amberg, Germany.

Where is your family from?

My family is from the Dominican Republic.

What brought you to this area?

My dad PCS’d here back in 2015.

Tell me about your family.

My mother is Cesarina and my dad is Hansel. I have older siblings. Nicole Maracayo is my sister and my brother is Angel Delgadillo.

Where is you favorite place to eat in Harker Heights?

My favorite place to eat at in Harker Heights is Freddy’s.

Where is your favorite place to shop in Harker Heights?

My favorite place to shop at in Harker Heights is Target.

What do you like about Harker Heights?

I like that it is not such a big city but it has things to do and places to go. I like that it is not so crowded and not loud.

What do you think that Harker Heights needs?

Harker Heights needs more youth involvement, and it needs more activities for the youth.

What community work do you do?

I volunteer at my church daycare. I pick up trash around the school and the community. I attend Vintage Church in Harker Heights.

How long have you been in JROTC?

I have been in JROTC since I was a freshman. So that is the past three years.

What awards have you won?

I won the ROTCleadership award from the Military order of Purple Heart. I am a part of the National Honor Society. I also received the Academic Achievement award my freshman and sophomore year. I also was awarded my sophomore year Superior Cadet twice.

What do you plan on doing after graduation?

After graduation, I plan on attending Texas State University in San Marcos. I plan on getting a BS in Criminal Justice and Political Science.

What is the last book that you read?

The last book that I read was “Into the Water,” by Paula Hawkins.

What was your last trip?

My last trip was to Austin with my friends we went to the history museum; it was pretty cool.

Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

In 10 years I see myself graduated from college working as a crime scene investigator.

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