Even though Science Club is on hiatus, Science Night is still going strong once per month during Family Night at the Stewart C. Meyer Harker Heights Public Library. And children’s librarian Amanda Hairston still manages to pack lots of science into the hour-long program.

Children learned a lesson on the science of snow Jan. 30.

“It’s a program we’ve done in the past,” Hairston said. “Kids like to learn about snow, even if we don’t get a lot in Central Texas.”

Twenty-seven children and their parents came to the program, and Hairston started things off by showing everyone the American Sign Language signs for “snow,” then “cold.”

From there, she led a discussion on what snow actually is. “It’s made of water ... we need it to survive, but we can have it in three different states. One of these is snow.”

Hairston explained to the gathered children that water can be a liquid, a gas or a solid, and snow is water in a solid state. She also explained that snow is a form of precipitation, falling to the earth from clouds, just like rain.

The first book Hairston read was a nonfiction title, “The Story of Snow,” by Mark Cassino. The children learned how snowflakes are formed and the different shapes they can take. The book stressed that all snowflakes have six sides.

After a quick song (“It Is Snowing” set to the tune of “Frere Jacques”), children were treated to two more books, one of them a pop-up that showed them different snowflakes.

Then it was time for arts and crafts.

Children got a little taste of origami as they got to make their own snowflakes. Hairston first demonstrated how to fold the paper, then how to make tiny cutouts in that paper to make the snowflake.

Children went to the different craft tables to try their hands at making their own, and, like the snowflakes occurring in nature, no two were the same.

By the end of the program, everyone had learned a little and had a lot of fun. Hairston said everything went, “very well. This was a fun one. Snowflakes are pretty magical!”

Family Night is held every Thursday evening beginning at 6 p.m.

For a complete listing of the different Family Night themes, please go to http://www.ci.harker-heights.tx.us/library and click on the “Special Events” tab.

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