Even as the Stewart C. Meyer Harker Heights Public Library held its usual weekly programming, its staff also brought some special Christmas-themed virtual programs to viewers on Christmas Eve. In one of these, library clerk Heather Heilman showed brought a little holiday food-fun in a few easy steps.

“It is time for some cute food,” Heilman said by way of introduction, “so today we are going to make snowman cookies.”

There were only a few materials needed for this project, many of which people keep on hand in their homes: Pepperidge Farm Milano cookies (these are what Heilman used, due to their shape, but she said any cookie would work); Skittles (again, Heilman said, “You could use any kind of hard-shelled candy,” such as M&Ms); black and orange icing (though one can vary the colors, and tubes work the best); and melted white chocolate.

Heilman first took a cookie and dipped it halfway into the white chocolate. “You can kind of drizzle, too, a little bit, if you need to,” she said.

Next, she said, “You want to pick what color earmuffs you want for your snowman.” This is where the Skittles came in. Heilman chose the bright green and lay them against the sides of the cookie, letting it set with the white chocolate and giving them time to stick.

She used the black icing for the eyes and buttons; she said one could also use some of the candy for the buttons, as well. Her final touch was to use the orange icing to give her snowman a carrot nose.

“It’s up to you how detailed you want to get,” she told her audience. She suggested using licorice for a scarf, and even shredded coconut to give the “snow” some texture, as well as added flavor.

She made a second snowman to demonstrate just how quick and easy the project really is. “The more you do this, the easier it is,” she said.

Heilman said this project is a fun family activity for around the holidays.

“Remember, cooking is fun, this is simple fun, just redecorating things,” she said in closing.

Watch the video on the library’s Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/harkerheightspubliclibrary/videos/721687172080838

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