COVID-19 did not hold back the 2020 Harker Heights Community Garage Sale on Saturday, but it did provide some tweaks and guidelines that shoppers and sellers had never had to consider in past years.

Residents living at 35 homes throughout the city participated by registering early for free, which is not a bad price to have your garage sale address, start and end time plus any special items listed on the City of Harker Heights website. A map pinpointing each location was also on the site.

Like so many other events sponsored by the city, flyers distributed to those hosting a garage sale stated the following:

“Due to extensive research and recommendations from the Texas Department of State Health Services and the Bell County Public Health District, the City of Harker Heights has put in place the following precautionary measures for the garage sale.

(1) Face coverings are required by customers and sellers, (2) Maintain social distancing and stay at least six feet from others. Display signage about social distancing and mask requirements, (3) Spread out items for sale rather than placing them in boxes or in piles, (4) Have hand sanitizer available and limit hand-to-hand contact when possible, (5) Limit the number of people working at your sale, and (6) Please remain at home and skip the garage sale if you or anyone in your household is feeling sick in any way.”

Some of the more unique items on sale included: an RTG Disney Princess full bed with dresser and night stand, hunting blinds, lawnmower, Kate Spade jewelry, file cabinets, floor stripping machine and an antique baby cradle.

Add to that the usual supply of clothes for all ages, Christmas season items, books, compact discs and a wedding dress and it could be said that there was something for everyone.

The Herald visited about eight locations and found the number of buys began to steadily increase as the day passed.

Most of the sales began about 7 a.m. and ended at 5 p.m. Others closed at earlier times throughout the day.

Stephanie Gilley at 2015 Herald Drive told the Herald that she had been collecting items for the sale. “Gilley said, “I still got up at 5 a.m. this morning to set it all out and attach the prices.”

At 2036 Stonehenge Drive, the Herald asked Arlington resident Kyndal Boisa if she was looking for anything in particular.

“I’m here with a friend and was looking at clothes for my kids. Our entire family loves doing the garage sale thing,” Boisa said.

Wanda Adair, the host of the sale on Stonehenge Drive, said, “I mainly wanted to get rid of my collection of DVDs and video games, which are almost gone.”

While Peter and Kendra Huhnerkoch waited on customers they told the Herald that their son, Tyren, 7, had his own table and stack of items to sell.

About 9 a.m., Tyren proudly displayed the $6 he had collected from earlier sales.

Speaking on behalf of the Library Activities Center, the sponsors of the garage sale, Nichole Broemer, activities center events manager, said, “All the reports we’re getting is that the garage sale went smoothly and was quite successful.”

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