What the city had posted as a five-item agenda for Tuesday’s Harker Heights Council meeting turned into the presentation of a proclamation and the consideration of one item under new business.

One item was tabled due to the lack of a full quorum. Two council members were absent, and the planning and development director also did not attend.

Following the presentation of a proclamation of Nov. 18-23 as Harker Heights Children’s Book Week, Mayor Spencer Smith moved on to the first item of new business.

After hearing a report from Senior Planning Director Courtney Pate, counil members approved a request by Open Air Resort Harker Heights Real Estate Holdings LLC, which had submitted a preliminary plat for approximately 30.39 acres of land along North Roy Reynolds Drive, previously known as Woodlawn Mobile Home Park.

At this phase of development, the applicants have consulted with their engineer to design upgrades to the utilities in the area as well as develop the plat for the property located at 101 N. Roy Reynolds.

Pate, speaking on behalf of Planning and Development Director Joseph Molis, reported that the applicant was asking for preliminary plat approval and had brought this item before the Council in June of this year to rezone the property from its existing manufactured home park to a planned development business in order to begin the venture of having an RV resort at this location.

Pate said, “Their proposed plan is to have several hundred RV sites on the property and taking advantage of what is already existing. They will bring up the existing property to current code and make it accessible.”

The Planning and Zoning Commission recommended the approval of a preliminary plat on Oct. 30 since the required survey of the property has been completed.

A council motion was made to approve the request and it passed by a vote of 3-0.

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