Texas voters approved nine of 10 amendments to the state Constitution, Tuesday, including a controversial amendment that will make it harder for lawmakers to enact a state income tax.

Voters also approved a proposal that will stabilize funding for state parks through proceeds from sporting goods sales, and another that will allow retired law enforcement animals to be adopted by their handlers.

Supporters of one of the most contentious issues on the ballot — Proposition 4 — proclaimed victory within hours of the polls closing, with about three-fourths of voters supporting the proposal in early voting returns.

The proposition authored by state Rep. Jeff Leach, R-Plano, and state Sen. Pat Fallon, R-Prosper, eliminates the possibility of Texas imposing an income tax unless the state changes its Constitution again.

In praising passage of the amendment, Gov. Greg Abbott said, “This ban on such a disastrous tax will keep our economy prosperous, protect taxpayers, and ensure that Texas remains the best state to live, work, and raise a family.”

The only item on the ballot that did not pass was Proposition 1, which would permit elected municipal court judges to serve multiple municipalities at the same time. It received just over one-third of the vote, in late returns.


Harker Heights voters followed the statewide trends on all the amendments, with voters rejecting Proposition 1 and favoring the rest.

Voters in Precincts 201, 202 and 209 voted at the St. Paul Chong Hasang parish hall Tuesday, though many voters cast their ballots at other county locations during the early-voting period.

Following are the totals for the three precincts combined, for each proposed amendment on the ballot.

Proposition 1: Yes: 469. No: 916.

Proposition 2: Yes: 925. No 458.

Proposition 3: Yes: 1,170.No: 210.

Proposition 4: Yes: 1,283.No: 315.

Proposition 5: Yes: 1,239.No: 147.

Proposition 6: Yes: 902.No: 483.

Proposition 7: Yes: 996.No: 389.

Proposition 8: Yes: 1,077.No: 309.

Proposition 9: Yes: 700.No: 679.

Proposition 10: Yes: 1,311.No: 79.


Following are the totals for Precinct 111 in Nolanville, for each proposed amendment on the ballot.

Proposition 1: Yes: 201. No: 485.

Proposition 2: Yes: 466. No 218.

Proposition 3: Yes: 593. No: 95.

Proposition 4: Yes: 543. No: 144.

Proposition 5: Yes: 619. No: 68.

Proposition 6: Yes: 439. No: 248.

Proposition 7: Yes: 498. No: 183.

Proposition 8: Yes: 526. No: 160.

Proposition 9: Yes: 362. No: 319.

Proposition 10: Yes: 651. No: 37.

The Texas Tribune contributed to this report.

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