Kitten season (also known as feline breeding season) began with the onset of spring, so the Harker Heights Pet Adoption Center will be holding a kitten shower on Saturday, May 22, from 10 a.m. until noon.

The event will take place in Room A of the Harker Heights Activities Center, 400 Indian Trail in Harker Heights.

Shelter manager Shiloh Wester said the kitten shower is being held in anticipation of the number of kittens that will typically increase as the season continues.

“This Kitten Shower is to help the Pet Adoption Center and our foster families with supplies needed most this time of year,” she said, explaining that kitten season will generally run through October.

Donations needed include dry and canned kitten food, powdered kitten formula, Miracle Nipples, small fleece blankets, washcloths, non-clumping cat litter, warming discs, heating pads, brownie or cake pans (these Wester said are an excellent tool for litter-training tiny kittens), and toys.

Monetary donations are also accepted and will go to the purchase of supplies for the Adoption Center’s spay and neuter clinic. There will be a donation jar at the event for cash donations, and donations using a debit or credit card can be made in person at the shelter.

The event will feature take-home activities for children and families, and several kittens will be there for the public to interact with (these will not be up for adoption at this time, however, as they are still a bit too young; the Adoption Center with its adoptable pets will be open during the event).

Wester said that attendees are asked to wear masks and use hand sanitizer both upon entering the room and before and after handling the kittens. Masks and hand sanitizer will both be provided by the Adoption Center at the event.

For more information, contact the Pet Adoption Center at 254-953-5472.

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