Luvina Sabree Working Out

Luvina Sabree works out with ropes Saturday morning with other members of MWP Fitness and Nutrition at Purser Park in Harker Heights as part of her new fitness routine.

Luvina Sabree, 45, always put her family’s needs ahead of her own, but she paid a hefty price for it.

“I never made it a priority to take care of myself, my priority was my family and others,” she said sitting inside her restaurant, So Natural Organic Restaurant in Harker Heights recently.

That price came in the extra pounds she gained. As of July 2016 she weighed 240 pounds, which is when she decided to get healthier herself.

Her motivation began when the restaurant completed a redesign for the television show “Restaurant Impossible Ambush” hosted by Chef Robert Irvine on the Food Network in April, and Sabree didn’t like her image.

“I saw myself with all those rolls on me, and I wasn’t happy,” she said. “I needed to stop neglecting myself.” And she did.

Monday, Wednesday and Friday it’s crossfit training at 5:30 a.m. at the Kieschnick Physical Fitness Center at Fort Hood consisting of jumping rope, chin-ups and weightlifting.

“She is doing very well with the program,” said Ayana Sabree, daughter and crossfit coach.

Then at 5:30 a.m. on Tuesday and Thursday mornings, Sabree walks 2.5 miles with friend Keisha Scott at Lions Park in Killeen.

“If I don’t do it, then I’ll feel bad,” she said.

On Saturday morning, it’s Movement with a Purpose Class at Purser Park in Harker Heights.

But the biggest challenge was her lack of eating.

“It was not what I ate, but eating period,” Sabree said. “I ate one meal a day.”

Now she eats three meals a day with balanced meals for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Since she suffers from Leaky Gut syndrome and hypothyroidism, Sabree doesn’t eat grains and dairy products.

She also take liquid probiotic, protein shakes and aloe vera juice, and she is consulting with her doctor about her exercise and diet program.

Since she started the program, she already feels a big difference.

“I have energy and stamina, and I’m not tired in the afternoons like I was before.”

She also posts her exercise routines on her Facebook page, Luvina’s Get Fit Journey So Natural Organic Restaurant. It has about 300 followers that watch her workout videos.

“It’s a community effort instead of doing it on my own and I want people to hold me accountable,” she said.

For Sabree, this moment is an awakening.

“I’m more open and true to myself and loving myself the way that I should,” she said.

“My advice is don’t wait until you have diabetes, or heart disease or high cholesterol and don’t think about it — just do it.”

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