It’s been Money Madness Week at the Stewart C. Meyer Harker Heights Public Library, and the Wednesday morning programming they introduced a brand-new game show to teach children about money and budgeting.

Library Game Show has been an annual event at the library, held in conjunction with First National Bank Texas, though everything about this year’s version is different.

“This is something brand-new that we’re doing,” said library director Lisa Youngblood.

This year’s game show used the Kahoot app (or for people to enter and answer the questions posed by children’s librarian and host Amanda Hairston.

Youngblood said, “(Kahoot) is an online app used to make quizzes. It’s a great teaching tool.”

Hairston posted the game code to use in Kahoot just prior to the show’s beginning. People could enter the site, get their nickname (SmartSquid was one), then enter their answers on the app or website as they watched Hairston and listened to the questions.

There were true and false questions (“You can earn money by working), as well as multiple choice questions (“Which of the following is a need?”), with plenty of time built in for children to think about their answers and enter them into app. And at the end of the game, Hairston told viewers about the Family Budget Battle that was also available on Kahoot, this time with higher stakes.

“(Family Budget Battle) is for the whole family to play together, and we are going to be giving the top three winners a prize package. It’s a prize for the whole family ...” she said. Contestants used a different code on the Kahoot app, and again generated a nickname; this would be used to identify winners and, for winners, get their prizes to them.

True/false questions, multiple choice questions (The average teen spends the most money on what? The answer was food), questions about who is on what currency, and even one that required adding together coins to determine the total, a lot was packed into the short, 10-question quiz.

People had until 5 p.m. on Thursday to play the game and enter for their chance at the prize packages.

To see the Wednesday morning video, go to the library’s Facebook page at

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