Street tax

This photo was taken on Nolan Ridge Street after the application of asphalt rejuvenation.

The city of Nolanville has canceled its November city council election because there are no opposed candidates.

The city, however, is proposing a sales tax increase that requires a vote by residents.

Early voting begins Oct. 18 and will last through Oct. 29. Election Day is Nov. 2.

On the ballot will be a Street Sales Tax of 0.25%. City Manager Kara Escajeda told the Herald that municipalities can impose the tax with voter approval every four years, as long as the combined local sales tax will not exceed 2 percent.

Escajeda said, “These funds must be dedicated to street rehabilitation, preventive maintenance and repair and can also be used to construct sidewalks.

The city classifies maintenance activities into three categories: (1) Reconstruction is expected once a road is approximately 20 years old. This is considered a life cycle replacement and is the costliest remedy..

(2) Preservation consists of a variety such as fog, slurry and micro surfacing.

(3) Crack sealing and point repairs are the least costly, but must be done consistently for the best results.

Road repairs are prioritized when there is evidence of base failure or public safety is an issue.

Nolanville combines funds from Street Sales Tax and Public Works operational funds to conduct preservation treatments to residential roads every seven years. Approximately 3.5 linear miles of streets need to be treated each year to stay on the schedule.

This preventive maintenance activity is necessary to prolong the life of an asphalt street. Without a seal coat every 8-10 years, the asphalt would oxidize, dry out and lose flexibility.

That loss of flexibility leads to cracking, water infiltration, potholes and failure of the structural components of the roadbed.

Seal coating may consist of several different types of material applicators, all designed to be quick and economical and rejuvenating to the existing asphaltic wearing surface.

The seal coating can be used to rejuvenate asphalt surfaces that are severely oxidized. Poly-Modified Masterseal (PMM) is the preferred product by the City of Nolanville.

Escajeda said, “The dedicated sales tax was also instrumental in funding repairs that were a result of Winter Storm Uri. Other activities included utilizing the funds for match requirements for projects such as Old Nolanville Road and the Safe Routes to School Project.”

In addition to the sales tax question, Nolanville voters also will weigh in on eight proposed amendments to the Texas Constitution, as will voters throughout the state.

Nolanville City Manager Kara Escajeda contributed to this report.

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