So Natural

Cameraman Tom Taylor films at So Natural Organic Restaurant & Market for the Food Network's television show, "Restaurant: Impossible," Thursday in Harker Heights.

By Bob Massey

Herald Correspondent

The spotlight will shine on So Natural Organic Restaurant in Harker Heights at 9 p.m. Wednesday, with the airing of the television show Restaurant Impossible Ambush on the Food Network hosted by Chef Robert Irvine.

There will be a viewing party at the restaurant but seats are all taken. Field House Gym at the west end of the shopping center at 704 Edwards Drive, is opening its doors for any of the overflow crowd that might like to view the show.

Owner Luvina Sabree said, “I want as many people to see the show as possible because the more viewers there are it’s more likely they will repeat the show and that means more visibility for us.”

The eatery reopened after the renovation was completed and they have already seen a 50 percent increase in business.

“Now we’re just waiting to see the TV show,” Sabree said.

“Before they began the renovation, they let us take one last look and then told us to exit the premises and not return until we were told,” Sabree said.

“When they revealed to us the results of their labor, we thought it was breathtaking,” Sabree said.

Gina Pence, president and CEO of the Harker Heights Chamber of Commerce, said this would put the city on the map and be a great boost for the So Natural Organic Restaurant.

Sabree opened the restaurant on Aug. 17, 2013. She is a Chicago native and former registered nurse and moved to Central Texas when her husband, Jameel, was stationed at Fort Hood.

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