Leo Wilson scored 25 points and the Union Grove seventh-grade A-team Grizzlies won their season finale, 53-43 over Eastern Hills, on Wednesday in Killeen ISD middle school boys basketball action.

Other scorers for Union Grove were Kemari Otis (nine points), Gabriel Merriman (eight), Douglas Turner (six), David Blount (three) and Julian Ruiz (two). Defensive standouts were TJ Hocutt, Blount and Otis.

UNION GROVE 7B 26, EASTERN HILLS 7B 14: Luke Franco finished with 10 points to help the Grizzlies get the victory.

Other scorers for Union Grove were Ethan Mora (six points), Zvayier Bray (four) and Brayden Olvera and Jackson Sellers (two each). Defensive standouts were Romello Mann, Damarii Bradford, Harley Hanover, Ethan Roblendo, Avanta Abdullah, Matthew Bryan, Ricardo Figueroa and Adrian de la Torre.

Feb. 4

UNION GROVE 7A 48, RANCIER 7A 20: Elijah Gibson scored 21 points and the Grizzlies rolled to a victory.

Other scorers for Union Grove were Kemari Otis (11 points), Leo Wilson (eight) and Gabriel Merriman and David Blount (four each). TJ Hocutt and Douglas Turner were defensive standouts.

UNION GROVE 7B 32, RANCIER 7B 6: Luke Franco, Damarii Bradford and Ethan Mora each scored six points in the Grizzlies’ victory.

Other scorers for Union Grove were Matthew Bryan (four points), Ricardo Figureoa and Adrian de la Torre (three each) and Jordan Hamilton and Ethan Roblendo (two each). Defensive standouts were Romello Mann, Avante Abdullah, Jackson Sellers, Brayden Olvera and Zvayier Bray.


Feb. 8

UNION GROVE 7A 38, EASTERN HILLS 7A 12: Janeen Lashley-Hill scored 16 points and the Grizzlies won their season finale.

Other scorers for Union Grove were Kylee Plake (six points), Lala Allen and Ki’Ana Lemons (four each) and Lialah Houser, Omunique Ellis, Aidan Evans and Aloria Murrell (two each). Defensive standouts were Aloria Murrell, Sabra Jones, Plake and Lashley-Hill.

UNION GROVE 7B VS. EASTERN HILLS 7B: Union Grove showed tremendous improvement with zone defense and team hustle.

Kailyn Fimbres led the Grizzlies with six points. Nanami Threadgill, Tatijiana White, Loreta Hoxha and Olivia Newlin each added two points. Lilli Moss, Priscilla Barrientos, Amaiah Amani, Raya Rodriguez and Re’Vynn Sanford were defensive standouts. Peyton Strand and Kylie Yeargan also contributed for Union Grove.

UNION GROVE 8A DEF. EASTERN HILLS 8A: Kaymora LaBeach scored 11 points to help the Grizzlies head into Wednesday’s eighth-grade championship game on a four-game win streak.

Other scorers for Union Grove were Bryanna Hinojosa (eight points), Kaylee Baxter (six), Alexis Newlin (four), Braylynn Wilkerson (two) and Niyema Romero (one).

Zoe Forney was a defensive standout.

The Grizzlies are the American Conference champions and will play at Smith for the championship.

PATTERSON 8A 47, MANOR 8A 32: Zoe Parker stuffed the stat sheet with 10 points, seven rebounds, six steals, two assists and two blocks in the Lady Cavaliers win.

Ivy Powell complemented Parker with 16 points, eight boards, four blocks and two steals. Nai Harris finished with 11 points, four assists, four steals and three rebounds.

Other contributors for Patterson were Alanis Torres (four points, two steals), Arianna Prichett (two points, two rebounds), Zaya Blackwood (six rebounds), Kalia Kimble (two steals), Aryasia Young (three rebounds, two blocks), India Agee (three rebounds) and Aminah Robinson (two points).

AUDIE MURPHY 8A 21, NOLAN 8A 19, OT: Brieana Deanda scored 13 points and tallied seven steals for the Lady Mustangs, who lost in overtime after a back-and-forth affair in regulation.

Lexine Okolo added four points and 11 rebounds for Nolan. Simone Hughes scored two points. Hailey Opolet grabbed six rebounds.

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