3X9 #3
David Kipp and his partner, Bobby Babcock (not shown), landed 20.52 pounds of fish for a full three-fish limit and the victory in Tuesday's 3X9 Series weekly tournament.

Despite an all-day drizzle which extended beyond sunset, 61 two-angler teams showed up ready to fish at the weekly Tuesday night 3X9 Series bass tournament conducted out of Stillhouse Park on Stillhouse Hollow Lake from early March through September.

This week it took three fish weighing a cumulative 20.52 pounds to take first place. David Kipp and his partner, Bobby Babcock who was standing in for Kipp’s regular partner, took both the win and a check for $1,160.

According to Kipp: “It was definitely not a numbers night for us, just quality.  We only caught five all night. We started off throwing moving baits and stuck to Carolina rigs after dark to catch the two big


Kipp and Babcock’s largest fish weighed 8.74 pounds.

Second place and the Big Bass Award went to partners Marty Roberts and Jay Stidham. Their three-fish limit weighed 17.70 pounds and was anchored by a largemouth bass weighing 9.83 pounds. The men split the $675 winnings.

Third place ended in a tie and went to both Bill Blisard and his partner, Mike Carroll, as well as to Eric Washburn and his partner, Zane Washburn. Both teams landed three fish weighing 17.42 pounds.

Blisard and Carroll’s sack included a 9.60-pound largemouth.

As the tournament came to a close, 115 fish were weighed in, and the average weight of those fish was a solid 3.5 pounds.

The abundance of lush, green hydrilla growing at depths of up to 27 feet during the summer months has given these fish the cover they hunt and hide in, making Stillhouse stand out from amongst

the other clear, deep Hill Country reservoirs like Belton, Georgetown and Canyon.

As spring’s warmth increases with each passing week, spring’s rains have largely missed Central Texas.

Stillhouse Hollow Reservoir now stands over 12.5 feet below normal and is slowly falling at a rate of one- to two-hundreths of a foot daily.

The 3X9 Series is open to the public and welcomes both boaters and non-boaters. Those interested may contact Dean Thompson at 254-690-3474.


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