Shoemaker's De'andre Exford (4) runs 17 yards through Harker Heights defenders on his way to a touchdown Nov. 8 at Leo Buckley Stadium.

Co-champions Waco Midway and Temple dominated the All-District 12-6A football teams released this week.

The two teams split the league's top honors and each had 10 of the 42 players who earned superlatives and first-team honors.

Harker Heights had six players selected to the first team. Shoemaker had four selections. Both teams made the playoffs.

Killeen High, Waco and Ellison each had three players chosen. Belton had two picks. Running back Micah Cox was the lone Copperas Cove player on the first team.

There were eight juniors on the first team, including Shoemaker first-team quarterback Ty Bell, wide receiver Monaray Baldwin and utility back De'Andre Exford. Midway had the lone sophomore.

The first-team defense was all seniors, with the exception of Harker Heights junior cornerback Savonte Sanford-Paige.

Midway running back Will Nixon was named District MVP. Temple quarterback Vance Willis earned Offensive Player of the Year. Midway's Carson Byrd took the defensive honor.

Only three players were unanimous selections by the league coaches. They were all from Temple: WR Quentin Johnston, OG Dakari White and CB Roman Jackson.


  • District MVP—Will Nixon, Waco Midway, sr.
  • Offensive Player of the Year—Vance Willis, Temple, sr.
  • Defensive Player of the Year—Carson Byrd, Midway, sr.
  • Offensive Newcomer of the Year—Samari Howard, Temple, so.
  • Defensive Newcomers of the Year—Taurean York, Temple, fr.; Za’Cobie Haverly, Midway, so.
  • Coaching Staff of the Year—Midway.


  • Quarterback—Ty Bell, Shoemaker, jr.
  • Running backs—Anthony Jackson, Temple, sr.; Micah Cox, Copperas Cove, sr.; Kadarius Marshall, Killeen, jr.
  • Fullback—Quintin Howard, Harker Heights, jr.
  • Wide receivers—Quentin Johnston, Temple, sr.(u); Monaray Baldwin, Shoemaker, jr.; Mikelle Mason, Harker Heights, sr.; Jerome Ratliff, Waco, sr.
  • Tight end—Tyson Magana, Temple, sr.
  • Center—Markel Carter, Temple, sr.
  • Guards—Dakari White, Temple, sr. (u); Thomas Devoux, Shoemaker, sr.; Wesley Ndago, Midway, sr.
  • Tackles—Thomas Bowman, Belton, jr.; Kaleb Luna, Ellison, sr.; Jaden Jones, Killeen, sr.

Utility—De’Andre Exford, Shoemaker, jr.


  • Tackles—Everitt Rogers, Ellison, sr.; Ta’Shoyn Johnson, Killeen, sr.
  • Ends—Malachi Robinson, Harker Heights, sr.; Braden Endsley, Midway, sr.
  • Inside linebackers—Daishawn Fisher, Waco, sr.; Reece Vazquez, Harker Heights, sr.
  • Outside linebackers—JB Brown, Midway, sr.; Antonio Brunson, Ellison, sr.
  • Cornerbacks—Roman Jackson, Temple, sr.(u); Za’Carius Murray, Midway, sr.; Ronald Gurley, Harker Heights, sr.
  • Safeties—Eli Garvin, Midway, sr.; Savonte Sanford-Paige, Harker Heights, jr.


  • Kicker—Aaron Wagaman, Temple, jr.
  • Punter—Logan Smith, Belton, sr.
  • Deep snapper—Duff Hunt, Midway, sr.
  • Returner—Jerome Ratliff, Waco, sr.

(u)-unanimous selection


  • Quarterback—Breezion Spiller, Ellison, sr.; Jared Moore, Midway, jr.; Ruben Jimenez, Belton, jr.; James Terry, Killeen, sr.
  • Running backs—Damashja Harris, Ellison, jr.; Devin Brown, Shoemaker, jr.; Andre Gebhardt, Harker Heights, sr.
  • Fullback—Anthony Peters, Belton, sr.; K’Zjari Herrera, Shoemaker, jr.
  • Wide receivers—Trenton Hudson, Shoemaker, jr.; AJ McDuffy, Temple, jr.; Zach Stewart, Midway, jr.; Stacy Brown, Ellison, sr.; Traelen Williams, Ellison, jr.; Quamon Williams, Killeen, sr.; Jahmeel Rice, Copperas Cove, sr.; Xavier Harris, Midway, sr.; Jaylin Smith, Copperas Cove, sr.
  • Tight end—Nate Kamper, Killeen, sr.
  • Center—John Gorrell, Midway, sr.
  • Guards—Chris Brown, Belton, sr.; Emmanuel Benson, Midway, sr.; Eric Morris, Copperas Cove, sr.; Daniel Lopez, Temple, sr.
  • Tackles—Isaiah Pena, Harker Heights, sr.; Alex Rodriguez, Temple, jr.; Declan McCabe, Midway, jr.; Chris Terry, Harker Heights, sr.; Dayton Lewis, Temple, sr.; Caleb Davis, Midway, sr.
  • Utility—D’emante Smith, Belton, sr.


  • Tackles—Daylan Littlejohn, Ellison, sr.; Jayven Taylor, Temple, jr; De Montavion Carprew, Waco, jr.
  • Ends—Jalen Guillory, Shoemaker, sr.; Malik Jackson, Belton, jr.; Eric Shorter, Temple, so.; Max Martinez, Midway, jr.
  • Inside linebackers—Za’Veon Cummings, Shoemaker, jr.; Keith Cunningham, Shoemaker, jr.; Reid Cromie, Midway, jr.; Nate David, Copperas Cove, sr.; Elijah Taylor, Killeen, sr.
  • Outside linebackers—Malik Wilson, Harker Heights, sr.; Keith Guillory Jr., Waco, sr.; Coby Trovinger, Belton, sr.
  • Cornerbacks—Gerrard London, Midway, sr.; Isaiah Grant, Ellison, sr.; Darian Stephens, Harker Heights, sr.; KJ Wilkerson, Ellison, sr.
  • Safeties—Mikal Harrison-Pilot, Temple, fr.; Jerome Gaillard, Copperas Cove, sr.


  • Kicker—Jaime Vargas, Harker Heights, sr.
  • Punter—Adrian Guzman, Temple, sr.; Bryce Boland, Midway, sr.
  • Deep snapper—Bryan Rivera, Shoemaker, sr.; Chan Rinehart, Harker Heights, sr.
  • Returner—Anthony Jackson, Temple, sr.; Trey Dixon, Shoemaker, sr.

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