WACO — The Heart of Texas Fellowship of Christian Athletes Victory Bowl is more than a sports competition. It’s an opportunity for area athletes to give back to their communities.

Players and cheerleaders who recently graduated high school and were nominated by their coaches with gather to compete in football, volleyball, baseball, softball and golf, which is a new addition to the 10-year old event.

And while most games are scheduled for Friday and Saturday, the community service already began.

Giving back started Monday, when the 16 golfers gathered with their host families to reflect on how devotions and fellowship connects to athleticism.

“The philosophy for the FCA is that whatever sport we play is for God and Christ and give our all for what we believe in,” Salado’s Jamie Rich said. “The fellowship part of it is important, because when we socialize with members of the community and build together, it makes it stronger.”

For these athletes, the opportunity to unite their faith and golf is what makes participating in this competition special.

“Hopefully people know about FCA and are in it,” Timothy Handlos, of Jarrell, said. “I think it’s good for young people to be a part of it and to have it available.”

FCA coordinator Carl Thomas also sees tournaments like this as an opportunity to help athletes grow as young adults.

“(Golf) is a little bit of an elite sport, and it gives them a chance to see how community service affects the whole community,” Thomas added.

Gatesville senior Jett Truss realizes competitions like the Victory Bowl prove faith and sports go hand in hand.

“It’s very important, because you have to have things that drive you,” he said. “If you just sit there and say I’m going to play this sport to play this sport, you’re probably not going to be very successful.

“You’re not going to be very driven to be better if you’re not playing for something.”

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