COPPERAS COVE — Copperas Cove wrapped up its four-day junior high and freshman football camp Thursday morning.

Bulldawgs assistant coach Donald Buckram was very pleased with how the camp went, but one thing in particular stuck out to him.

“The best thing I think that kind of happened was everyday we saw an increase in numbers,” he said. “Monday we had 180, and it went to 190, 195, hit 200 and finished at 208.

“We’re getting more kids to come, and that turnout shows we’re doing something positive, something good in the community.”

Football season is right around the corner with practices beginning Monday, but this was more than a warm-up.

“This was more than a warm-up,” Buckram said. “Our warm-up was more of our summer conditioning program. We actually got to work football this year with our conditioning and weight program too, so that was more of a warm-up to introduce them to football.

“This football camp was a little more hands on. They were able to take lineup reps, get in formation, run some different plays and learn some more intricate details to offense and defense.”

A new idea incorporated this summer was having the junior high and high school kids workout together with the goal being to instill leadership qualities into the players.

“We’re seeing the younger athletes workout with the high school kids,” Buckram said, “and we’re kind of seeing a wave.

“Those kids that are in junior high are almost looking the part of the guys in high school.”

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