Jared Shaw is attempting to cultivate a culture.

Since arriving at Ellison five years ago, the Eagles offensive coordinator has witnessed a handful of impressive athletes line up at quarterback, including Carl Robinson III, Tye Hill, Breezion Spiller and Stacy Brown.

Now, he wants to ensure the trend continues.

“We feel like our quarterback play has been consistently successful here at Ellison,” Shaw said. “So, we wanted to get something up and running to help continue that success.

“We’ve started a trend, and we want to keep it going.”

Shaw is overseeing the first Eagles Quarterback Camp this week, creating the three-day event as a way to focus on the area’s up-and-coming signal callers.

The camp consists of third- through ninth-graders, and while Shaw is dedicated to teaching the kids proper fundamentals, he also wants to further nurture their love for the game.

In reality, however, the philosophy often has a reverse affect.

“We try to mix in some things to keep it fun,” Shaw said, “but the young ones are actually refreshing for the coaches, because they keep us on our toes. They make us really understand the importance of giving back.

“Just seeing them with smiles on their faces when they go home has been really rewarding.”

Shaw utilizes a mix of drills and games to create a fun environment for the participants, and he also allows them to interact with varsity players. For young campers, the encounters with Ellison’s elite can be overwhelming.

But they are mutually advantageous.

“The older guys get to show the kids the ins and outs,” Shaw said, “and by putting them around the younger kids, it puts them in leadership roles.

“That’s a huge thing for us, and it is part of their progression as players as well.”

With a variety of benefits, Shaw feels the camp will grow in coming years, serving as an asset to both the Eagles and the community.

Although there are a number of positive byproducts, the concept of the camp is singular.

“We just want to stress the fundamentals,” Shaw said. “If you look at the top programs across the state of Texas, they are focusing on the fundamentals and what it truly takes to be a good quarterback.”

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