Former NFL player and University of Texas star Roy Miller III has been working on the Centex Pro Football and Cheer Camp, an event he helped create, for 10 years, and this work was recognized by Killeen Mayor Jose Segarra on Saturday afternoon.

This is the first year that it will be officially known as Central Texas Football Camp Day in Killeen.

Segarra made an appearance at the event and even gave a speech before the kids were dispersed to do their drills. During his speech, Segarra made a proclamation that the day would be recognized as Central Texas Football

Camp day in Killeen to honor all of the work Roy Miller and Kids Advantage has done.

“I think it’s important to recognize and make it an official thing through the city to recognize all the great work that they’re doing here,” Segarra said.

This left Roy Miller without words.

“I’m speechless. I don’t know what to say because this just started out as a thought. We talked about this, me and the founding fathers, and finally said we’re going to do it.”

Said Derrick Scott: “I coached Roy Miller at the University in Texas. I was one of his training coaches. Ever since then I knew he had a big heart for people and he cares.”

The proclamation is bringing even higher hopes to those involved.

“I think that we’re on to bigger and better things,” said Miller.

One of the things that impressed Miller the most was how the community comes together for the event every year. William Boddie and his wife, Rubye, said it is because they have the utmost respect for him.

“It’s always exciting to see my son excited, and it’s always exciting to see these athletes come back and teach these kids that not only can they achieve better things but they can come back to their neighborhood and show others the same,” said William Boddie.

“They have my utmost respect. When you make it in your career, you tend to forget where you come from, but for these guys to come back and give back, it means a lot.”

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