It would have been almost impossible.

In the not so distant past, modern technology was quite different. While most high school students cannot comprehend the idea, there was a time prior to email, TikTok, Instagram, Twitter, video chatting and text messages.

Without such avenues, however, today’s situation would look vastly different as athletics are halted by fears surrounding COVID-19.

It is a scenario Lampasas head track and field coach Tanner McLean is thankful to avoid.

“Technology allows us to carry on some sort of relationship with our kids at this time,” he said. “I’ve already seen so much collaboration from so many coaches all over the country, and it has never been easier.

“If this was 20 or 30 years ago, I’d be dying right now, but instead, we can somewhat continue forward.”

In the month since the coronavirus pandemic began sweeping across the country, countless meetings have been held between coaches and governing bodies to discuss how to proceed through the unprecedented era.

Although any plans are merely tentative until Texas Gov. Greg Abbott reopens schools on May 4 at the earliest, it is beneficial to have the ability to collectively weigh possibilities in advance.

Additionally, with practices and workouts prohibited, coaches are using social media and other outlets to issue workout plans for players in an effort to help them stay in peak physical condition in advance of a potential return to action.

“I try to stay in touch with the guys through Twitter and text messages,” Shoemaker head baseball coach Adam Froeschl said. “I try to see if they need anything and keep giving them the same lessons about how we need to be prepared to play.

“It’s difficult to maintain that level of focus and intensity, but they are good about working on their own.”

Social media serves another equally important role, though.

With teammates separated during the midst of competition, many are turning to technology to simply keep their bonds strong.

“We have group chats,” Lady Grey Wolves pitcher Madalyne Martinez said, “and we are always making jokes and making sure everyone is OK and safe.

“We’ll go online and watch videos of other teams, and it just helps us remain connected. I’m thankful for that.”

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