This video, provided by family members, shows the events leading up to the shooting of a Killeen man, Patrick Warren Sr., on Jan. 10 ,2021.

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Why weren't the people hollaring " I told you, don't use a gun!", out there trying to take control of that fool? If they had got involved instead of backing off and holloring, the situation might be a lit different.


[angry][crying]That man would’ve still been alive if he wasn’t coaxed out of his home where his loved ones advised the cops(not trained in psychology & basic human rights, but this SHOULD be a requirement now)of his situation. They didn’t heed to advice and they murdered an unarmed mentally ill man! No attempt to even put him in handcuffs.


Are you kidding me right now??? They were telling him to calm down, and barely had a few seconds to even think about that!!! Besides, it sounded like he first was tased before being shot three times, so they didn't expect it to escalate that quickly. The man wasn't acting very threateningly, the cop definitely overreacted and did so very very quickly

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