COPPERAS COVE — National CrossFit competitor Alex LaChance took the opportunity to coach, mentor and work out with city residents Saturday at CrossFit Beyond Limits.

The professional athlete, who calls Scottsdale, Ariz., home, is holding an advanced CrossFit seminar at the Cove gym today.

“I’m so excited — it’s so fun to get to travel and see the different places people train and get together at,” LaChance said. “Every gym has a different feel, so it’s cool to see how each one is different. I’ve only been here about an hour and a half, but I already love it — the people here are really nice and it’s great to be around people who really want to learn.”

One of those who was really looking forward to learning from LaChance was CrossFit Beyond Limit’s marketing manager Maggie Ingall.

“This is awesome — I wish she were here all the time,” Ingall said. “I’ve really worked out so much harder because she’s here. I mean, she’s coached me, but it’s really about having someone to push me.”

Working out with a national competitor was an exciting prospect, Ingall added. “We don’t have that around here — not for women, at least.”

Gym owner Ben Eseroma said it was a win-win situation for everyone involved.

“(LaChance) gets the opportunity to come work out with people she doesn’t know and her boyfriend, who’s a former infantryman, gets to hang around with his fellow soldiers again,” Eseroma said. “Right now she’s training for ‘The Grid,’ which shows on NBC. It’s a cross between CrossFit and a race and is only done once a year.”

Having the chance to watch an athlete of LaChance’s caliber work out and mentor his customers was amazing, he added.

“She’s kind of like the Michael Jordan of CrossFit. Just having her presence around here and letting everyone see that she’s normal like everyone else is pretty cool,” Eseroma said. “(Ingall) never met her and now they’re working out and joking and having fun, probably exchanged numbers, and to have her as a mentor ... (Ingall) is up and coming. Women like her, and everyone who comes into my gym, gets a feel of being in (LaChance’s) shoes. It’s really amazing to see this — they were willing to take time out of their busy schedule and come out to a little gym here in Copperas Cove.”

Eseroma said quite a few people signed up for today’s advanced class.

“When it comes to CrossFit, 10 is a lot,” he said. “And that seems like a lot of people when you’re in the gym.” | 254-501-7554

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