U.S. Army personnel administer the COVD-19 Vaccine at Fort. Hood, Texas, Feb. 20, 2021. More than 1,200 Soldiers, military retirees, civilian employees and family members were vaccinated at Fort Hood’s Abrams Gym Feb.21-22. The vaccination on site was staffed by U.S. Army nurses, medics, and civilian medical professionals who volunteered to re-open the facility early over the weekend after a massive winter storm across Texas. Some of the medics did not have heat or water at their off-post homes in central Texas. (U.S. Army photo by Staff Sgt. Daniel Herman)

Fort Hood’s top headquarters unit — III Corps — announced Monday that 17 soldiers under III Corps command were discharged from the Army last month for refusing to take the coronavirus vaccine.

The discharges were III Corps-wide, which includes units at four different installations: Fort Hood, Fort Carson, Colorado, Fort Bliss, Texas, and Fort Sill, Oklahoma. | 254-501-7554


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The same 17 members have previously received the anthrax vaccine along with all other required vaccines in civilian life and military life. All 17 couldnt tell you whats on their public or miltary vaccine cards. Military service is not a birth right. Comply or goodbye.


Amazing how many of you out there are not taking the vaccine because ‘you don’t know what’s in it.’ Well, I have a bulletin for you. None of us know what’s in anything that we inject, consume, or drink. When one enters the military, there are a wide range of vaccines administered and no one knows what they are made of or whether valid testing/research for use has been conducted. You people are just politicizing the vaccine. Of course, when there are people drinking bleach…..ridiculous. Those 17 people deserved to be discharged. I actually had a childhood friend who is a nurse who told me that I would be flying at night cause the vaccine was made from bat DNA. Ridiculous…if you eat a hot dog…you will consume anything.


But.. we DO know what's in it. Are you working for Pharma. WE DO KNOW its loaded with graphene, AIDS, hep, cancer, parasites and nano bots. Maybe you misread my 1st comment and read it as.. look at all the goodies they gave us in the vax??

Heights Teacher

So many individuals with no qualifying credentials continuing to cling to the mantra of their "party."


Never in the history of health, has a shot ever been mandated against the law as this one has. How they were allowed to get away with this was the age old way to get anyone to do anything against their will and that is through FEAR! This shot is NOT a vaccine! It has NOT been tested! It has never been approved! It is deadly and for the purpose of depopulating the Earth as the globalists indoctrinating the New World Order has planned for decades. Covid is just a flu, a bug, but properly handled and exploited, it can be made to seem like certain death to ALL. Protocols demanded by the CDC in the hospitals caused many deaths and suffering to make the bug seem worse! False reportings, false tests, exacerbated the appearances. This false pandemic was well orchestrated.

Just now we are seeing hidden injury's showing up. We are finding out how the CDC and WHO and the government lied about the injuries and deaths that went unreported.

No, I did not get the shot and never will. I will now live long enough to see the horrific future these evil creatures have in store for mankind. As the bible says'- The living shall envy the dead!



Wayne Jefferson

Does anyone think this is a good idea. I'm not vaccinated nor do I wear a mask. Why force something on people who have documented concerns without product liability. This is absurd. People are having health issues and they are dropping like flies.


Not mentioned is why they refused? Did they know something the others didn't know.. such as ..

Video: Graphene Oxide: A Toxic Substance in the Vial of the COVID-19 mRNA Vaccine? By Ricardo Delgado and Prof Michel Chossudovsky Global Research, January 19, 2022.

University of Almeria. Spain. Nov 2021. Detection of graphene in COVID vaccines using Micro-Raman spectroscopy... Prof Pablo Campra.

Austrian graphene Research Scientist/Med. Dr. Andreas Noack was MURDERED after he released his evidence of graphene in the 4 mRNA injections, and describing it as ''razor blades in the blood that will kill all who get it''.

Dr. Vladimir Zelenko. The mRNA injections HAVE AIDS!

Swedish study 2.28.22 demonstrated and confirmed that the mRNA in the Pfizer/BioNTech Covid injections infiltrate cells and transcribes its message onto human DNA within 6 hours, altering our own DNA.

Dr. Sucharit Bhakdi, Autopsies Prove Vax BioWeapon Caused Autoimmune Attacks And Death. (Based on 70 autopsies done by Germany's top pathologist, Prof. Dr. Arne Burkhardt).

Prof Igor Chudov Pfizer vaccine, taken once, permanently changes the DNA of affected cells…DNA transcribed from Pfizer mRNA Vaccine contains mutant gp130 Cancer Cells. 28,2,22.

Journal of Hepatology. Immune-mediated hepatitis with the Moderna vaccine.. confirmed.

Brghteon. Dr. Jane Ruby Show. Incredible evidence of cancer diagnoses in the jabbed, exploding cancers in the boosted. 2.15.22.

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