Sgt. Jewel Scott criticized Fort Hood in video post on her Instagram page last week.

A social media post by Fort Hood’s top headquarters unit regarding “allegations and concerns” from a local sergeant is being widely shared on social media.

“We are aware of the allegations and concerns raised by Sgt. Jewel Scott. We take all allegations of misconduct seriously and commanders will investigate and take action as appropriate. Sgt. Scott is safe and in the care of her unit leadership,” III Corps and Fort Hood said on its Facebook page Sunday afternoon. “Our Soldiers can always bring up concerns to their leadership, who will take appropriate action commensurate with Army Standards and values.”

The post had more 360 reactions, 160 comments and nearly 120 shares by lunchtime Monday.

On her Instagram page last week, Scott posted a collection of videos and posts — known as a “story” on Instagram.

“If I end up dead, just know somebody did it,” Scott said in the post.

She was not specific about who may have been trying to hurt her or why.

At one point, the story switched to a video of what looked to be a Killeen street with police pulling Scott over, and Scott saying she was accused of being “AWOL” — absent without leave.

The videos all appeared to be taken by Scott, and several of them appeared to be in or adjacent to a Fort Hood barracks with military police standing nearby both day and night.

“I think these people are trying to kill me,” Scott said in the video without being specific who “these people” are. “They will not leave me alone.”

One video seemed to show Scott at a table outside a barracks, with two military police officers standing a few feet away.

“I ain’t crazy,” Scott said. “I know what I’m talking about.”

Towards the end of the “story” Scott thanked her social-media followers for their support, and said the Army has decided to “kick me out in the next 10 days” in an effort to “shut me up.”

Typically, the process to transition a soldier out of the Army takes months.

“I have been assaulted. I have been threatened,” Scott said in the video. She did not say by whom or how.

She encouraged others to share her story.

Fort Hood does not usually post to its Facebook page messages about social-media complaints or the soldiers, by name, who make them.

When asked by social-media users why Fort Hood revealed her name, Fort Hood answered:

“The soldier has made allegations. The unit will investigate. Please allow the process to work and not conduct the investigation via social media.”

The Fort Hood social-media manager commented directly several times to some who posed questions before limiting who could comment on the post.

“We do ask that you keep your comments to a civil discourse bearing on the subject under discussion. It serves no purpose to write conspiracy theories and incorrect information,” Fort Hood said in one reply to a comment.

Many commenters criticized Fort Hood for its post.

“But if the allegations are against the Unit to include the command team why is said unit doing the investigation and not an outside Unit with CID and MPI? 🧐 More so if the SM is not safe due to her Unit and you just blasted her name all over social media,” wrote social-media user Kaitlyn Lewis on the Fort Hood Facebook page.

Her comment alone had over 230 “likes.”

In response to Fort Hood’s Facebook post, Scott responded on her Instagram page: “THIS IS A LIE! I am NOT in the “CARE” of my LEADERSHIP. The last time I have spoken to my leadership was when they had me illegally arrested by undercovers, and taken to the hospital.”

A GoFundMe online fundraiser created by Scott had $2,598 of its $15,000 goal as of Monday afternoon. To view Scott’s GoFundMe visit:

Herald Metro Editor Lauren Dodd contributed to this report. | 254-501-7468


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Before I get into the issue itself, whoever wrote the article should have done more research. There is such a thing as a" 72 hour chapter ". Most chapters don't take months, especially if your leadership is knowledgeable and thorough. Medical separations on the other hand, could take months and normally do.

From what I have read so far about this incident, it makes me look back to when I was the chapter NCO. While in that capacity, I saw many soldiers attempt to use loopholes when they realized that the army wasn't going to pay them when they were getting out.

What I'm about to say may cause some people to be uncomfortable. Personally, on first glance, without knowing any background or story, I believe this NCO was told she was going to be chaptered, most likely due to performance. When she realized that it was more than just a chance and a probability, she saw her way out with benefits. Create a dramatic story without foundation and pull the PTSD/trauma mental card. As I said, I don't know I'm just taking an informed guess based off my prior experience.

I am also not saying that things don't happen on Fort Hood. I am also not saying that there have been, are now, and always will be those in leadership positions that are not, nor ever will be suited for said positions. I hope that the truth, in it's entirety, will be presented.


It’s really sickening how strangers are so quick to be negative to a situation that they have no clue about or what really is going on! You know no history on this woman to know if she’s telling the truth or she’s lying! Only people that have been there served their work there know what that place is like so if that’s not you you really shouldn’t jump to conclusions because you honestly have no clue! People in this world today are just so disgusting! I’m praying for everyone in the situation hoping there is no wrong going on and that she will be OK and if the army is not for you walk away leave don’t make a fuss why make it harder than what it needs to be!


I used to be in the military myself stationed at Fort Hood and I can tell you right now that if your not part of the "club" then they don't do anything for you as matter of fact they go out of their way to get rid of you however they can. I didn't brown nose, but I did my job and chain of command made my life miserable. When I got married they smoked for 5 hours straight because I didn't ask for permission. These people don't care about her they are going to get rid of her because she is rocking the boat some how and they don't like it. They are not going to protect and I promise they are not investigating anything, accept maybe how to kick her out now with out coming back on them. Do not trust the people in charge on Fort Hood from the General and the Command Sargent Major to the officers over seeing the company areas the vast majority are corrupt and care only for themselves and the people in the brown nose club.


Too many Soldiers lives are being upended & even lost at Ft Hood. I don’t know the details of SGT Scott’s story, but factual knowledge and evidence I’ve obtained in other cases the past 2 yrs leads me to believe she is being mistreated. The 13th ESC CG is a toxic leader who is clueless as to what dignity, respect, honor, integrity, or human decency mean. Soldiers have been harmed; Careers unjustly destroyed; sexual harassment, misconduct, and other illegalities condoned - all by his corrupt actions. Soldiers are still being failed, despite the “People First” rhetoric.


I have seen Drill Sergeants charged with attempted rape and witnessed a staff sergeant buy drinks for an underaged soldier and then go to work Monday and write a false statement about what happened and witnesses a staff sergeant flirt with a married private and offer to take her out….under that uniform are the same people in society so I wouldn’t automatically make assumptions like some of you are


I spent a long time in the Army and at Ft Hood. I have seen many inadequate soldiers blowing smokescreens, making asinine allegations and playing the race card to obfuscate their incompetence as a soldier


Don’t believe the hype lol. The army wouldn’t have all these issues if we could just fire soldiers that do not perform. Everyone thinks the army owes them something. Soldier clearly didn’t have a plan on getting out and now trying to get as much as she can. Keep drinking the cool-aide people.


I believe her. My daughter was chaptered out the exact same way for defending herself from an abusive soldier.


At what point are you going to check the accuser source? If you don’t show up for accountability you are out of ranks!

If you making all these allegations of sexual assault/ harassment put it out who is doing it to you.

I feel like she is taking a situation that has happened on Ft hood before and using it for exposure. Until you provide legitimate evidence stop talking about it. It is real people that needs help for these types of situations. Please check the source and if this is fake hold her accountable. I can tell you this dead bodies on lol post in the last year on Ft hood is false. Check her time and locations people it doesn’t add up!


Facts. I see someone actually has a brain and can see thru the bs lol

Combat 2022

the army does alot of cover ups and doesn't care for for the troops like they say I know I use to be a Sargent in the Army i know how some of the higher command doesn't do there jobs right like they should

Combat 2022

I feel bad for Sargent Scott I hope for the best for her alot of troops were missing at fort hood and it was sad to hear that the out come was terrible please let Sargent Scott know that my thoughts and prayers are with her


Drink that cool-aide up. Go donate to her gofundme as well lol




*Sergeant…. How did you get promoted and you can’t even spell the rank correctly. Jesus take the wheel, thank god u are no longer in.

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