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Spc. Blessing Lawson, right, and Pvt. Kamron Johnson, both culinary specialists with 553rd Field Feeding Company, 51st Quartermaster Battalion, serve soldiers at the Always Ready Warrior Restaurant on Fort Hood Tuesday. The restaurant, formerly known as a Dining Facility, is pioneering new meals to provide tasty and healthy options for soldiers.

FORT HOOD — Fort Hood’s dining facilities for soldiers are undergoing changes in the hope of attracting troopers — especially single soldiers — back through the doors.

A lack of healthier food designed more for vegetarian or vegan diets has been sending many soldiers to outside sources for their meals, said Chief Warrant Officer 2 Heidi Ann Wallace, the 13th Expeditionary Sustainment Command food advisor. As part of the effort to provide a better service to the soldiers, the facilities will be known as “Warrior Restaurants” from now on and will have a more restaurant-like feel.

Wallace said the restaurants are being upgraded to have more of the atmosphere of a civilian restaurant and will soon offer free Wi-Fi service, large TV screens and themed decor. The menu is also being expanded to include more vegan and vegetarian-friendly options.

The Always Ready Warrior Restaurant on West Fort Hood is pioneering the effort, she said. Once the facility is fully online, the rest of Fort Hood’s Warrior Restaurants will follow suit and serve as a pilot program for the Department of the Army. | 254-501-7554

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Mess Hall was a name used a long time ago. Like sos, spoon, cookie, etc.


The name of your mess hall is of no consequence. What you serve is

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