FORT HOOD — Approximately 9,300 Fort Hood soldiers are currently deployed across the globe, representing more than a quarter of the more than 35,000 troops stationed to the post, according to Fort Hood officials.

The troops are deployed throughout the world as part of the regular rotation of forces in support of operations in Europe, South Korea, Afghanistan and Southwest Asia, said Col. Thomas Veale, III Corps and Fort Hood spokesman.

“Fort Hood’s soldiers are well-trained, well-led and fully prepared to meet the challenges our nation and the Army places upon them by rapidly deploying and conducting the full range of military operations to deter or defeat any adversary,” he said.

The last time Fort Hood had a similarly large number of soldiers deployed was in February 2016 at approximately 7,400, Veale said. “Our current numbers are higher because two armored brigade combat teams are deployed, and such units deploy in their entirety.”

Even with a large number of troops deployed, family members are tending to stay in the Fort Hood area while their loved one is gone, Veale said.

Veale attributed that to the many strong support programs available to families.

In past years, the number of Fort Hood deployed soldiers usually hovers around 5,000.


The 1st Cavalry Division has approximately 8,400 troops currently deployed, with around 300 members of their headquarters element in Afghanistan, around 4,300 members of the division’s 2nd Brigade Combat Team in South Korea and roughly 3,800 members of the 3rd Brigade Combat Team in Southwest Asia, to include Kuwait and Iraq.

The 89th Military Police Brigade deployed approximately 700 soldiers, spread out to all theaters where the 1st Cavalry Division is serving. The 13th Sustainment Command has less than 30 soldiers deployed in all theaters, including Africa.

The 85th Civil Affairs has fewer than 50 deployed, the 1st Medical Brigade has approximately 100, the 504th Military Intelligence Brigade has approximately 10 and the 3rd Cavalry Regiment has fewer than 20 deployed.

Fort Hood’s top officer — III Corps commander Lt. Gen. Paul Funk II — is deploying in the next few weeks with about 345 III Corps troops. They will head to Kuwait and Iraq to head up the coalition ground war against the Islamic State group.

Fort Hood soldiers around the globe:

South Korea: About 4,300 soldiers from 1st Cavalry Division’s 2nd Brigade

Kuwait/Iraq: About 3,800 soldiers from 1st Cavalry Division’s 3rd Brigade

About 1,200 Fort Hood soldiers from smaller units are deployed to those countries and others, including some in Africa. | 254-501-7554

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