Soldiers from the 289th Composite Supply Company fuel platoon provide fuel to hundreds of trucks on a daily basis at Base Camp Donna, near Donna, Texas. They conduct daily fuel operations on the base camp and transport fuel to outlying locations as needed.

Fort Hood soldiers from the 1st Cavalry Division deployed Nov. 2 and are already providing support to U.S. Customs and Border Protection along the U.S.-Mexico border in South Texas.

The troops are currently located in Donna, Texas and are there to stay until the mission is complete, according to Master Sgt. Jacob Caldwell, 1st Cavalry Division spokesman.

“As you may be aware, members of the 1st Cavalry Division are participating in the border support mission in Southern Texas. Specifically, we have the 289th Composite Supply Company and the 96th Truck Company, both from the 1st Cavalry Division Sustainment Brigade at Fort Hood, running support missions here,” Caldwell said via email from the border. “Those missions include transporting supplies to various locations as needed, running shower and laundry operations and also running fuel operations — all in support of the Customs and Border Protection mission along the Texas/Mexico border, and other missions as needed.”

The local soldiers are part of more than 7,000 active-duty troops who have been told to deploy to Texas, Arizona and California. They are a mix of forces, including military police, an assault helicopter battalion, various communications, medical and headquarters units, combat engineers, planners and public affairs units.

President Donald Trump ordered troops to the border in response to a caravan of migrants slowly making its way through Mexico toward the United States.

Additional III Corps units from Fort Hood have been tasked with the border mission as well, to include elements of the 89th Military Police Brigade and the 36th Engineer Brigade, according to a U.S. Northern Command release. No information has yet been released where those units will be deployed or what their mission will be.

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