FORT HOOD — The 3rd Cavalry Regiment unveiled a newly renovated Soldier and Family Readiness Center during a ribbon-cutting ceremony at Fort Hood on Friday.

The facility, dubbed “Old Bill Hall,” was renovated solely by soldiers currently serving in the regiment. The building is home to several services for soldiers and their families, including the Sexual Harassment/Assault Response and Prevention (SHARP) coordinator, equal opportunity (EO) advisor, military family life counselor, retention and career counselor. The location also includes a new computer lab with free Wi-Fi for soldiers to complete paperwork or fulfill training requirements.

Col. Kevin Bradley, the regiment’s commander, said the building was old, previously used for different purposes like an isolation center early in the coronavirus pandemic, but was taking on a new purpose.

“We didn’t have a place for the SHARP team as well as equal opportunity and some of our other valuable assets that we have here in the regiment,” Bradley said. “They didn’t have a proper home and didn’t have offices in a place to really perform their duties.”

Bradley said he and Command Sgt. Maj. Shade Munday, the regiment’s top enlisted soldier, began brainstorming how to resolve this problem last December.

“We wanted this building to be a place that folks didn’t avoid, a place that you only went to when you had a problem or something bad happened,” Bradley said.

The addition of the computer lab helps soldiers complete training requirements conveniently since most soldiers are not issued a government laptop.

“In today’s Army, most of the stuff that we do is digital,” Conley said. “There’s a lot of online training and a lot of requirements we put on the soldiers. This (computer lab) is something that they can use within the regiment to come down here and knock out all that online training that we ask them to get at but don’t give them the facilities to do so well; now they have it.”

Conley said the renovations also make the building more inviting. Placing the computer lab in the same building with soldier and family services like SHARP, EO, and retention will encourage interaction.

“It will give these agencies a little bit more flow and a little more face-to-face with our troopers which I think will get after a lot of the things that the Army as a whole is trying to fix with EO, SHARP, and things like that,” Conley said.

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