A news story about missing night vision goggles from Fort Hood made national headlines over the weekend.

The Herald broke the story Friday online after a social media post from “U.S Army W.T.F! moments” — a popular Facebook page — mentioned the missing devices on Wednesday.

Fort Hood officials confirmed to the Herald on Friday that multiple “Monocular Night Vision Devices” went missing July 12 from a maintenance facility at Fort Hood. Soldiers regularly wear the devices during night training.

By Saturday evening, the missing night vision goggles had made nationwide headlines, including stories in the Army Times, a Houston TV station and the National Public Radio website.

While Fort Hood officials would not answer the question from the Herald about how many night vision devices were missing, the national news outlets cited the post from the Army W.T.F! moments that more than 100 of night vision goggles were missing.

Moreover, the post from the Facebook page, which appears to be a screen shot of a message to unit leaders about the missing equipment, indicated the equipment was stolen, and there would be an intensive search for the night vision devices.

By Monday, the Facebook post had over 1,000 comments and nearly 300 shares.

If the goggles were in fact stolen, according to the National Public Radio article, this wouldn’t be the first such incident in recent memory.

A former soldier at North Carolina’s Fort Bragg was charged in 2019 with stealing more than $2 million worth of property — including 43 night vision devices — over the course of a year and a half, according to NPR.

If anyone has information about the missing night vision devices, they should call the Fort Hood crime tips line at 254-287-2722.

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