Motorcycle accident

Spc. Logan Ellis Rainwater

The motorcyclist killed in the crash on Clear Creek Monday morning has been identified as a Fort Hood soldier.

Spc. Logan Ellis Rainwater, 24, died of his injuries after the motorcycle he was riding collided with an SUV. | 254-501-7554


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I am sorry to hear of this young man's life getting snuffed
out. The driver should be prosecuted.
I agree with Heights Teacher comment. Personally, I have 30 plus
years riding a motorcycle safely including safety courses.
After a military career,
I moved here. One day while out riding with friends,
I was nearly mowed over by a red dump truck. The driver
sped off and to this day I have back injuries that require
surgery. I believe, it is a bad attitude toward motorcyclists
by a certain mindset, that this reality exists in central Texas.
Very sad.

Heights Teacher

Very sad. Motorcyclists take their lives in their hands every time they hit the road, but their risk is greatly multiplied in this town. I've driven all over this country and in Europe, and without a doubt the worst drivers I've ever seen are concentrated in the Killeen/Harker Heights area.


He was so young, this shouldn't have happened. What about the driver that killed him; Are they going to prosecute? I saw the other day the driver of the suv was given a ticket, but surely the prosecutor will do more than that at least I hope so.

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