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A Killeen man was arrested and charged in a shooting that occurred Saturday morning in the 100 block of W. Elms Road.

Cpl. Nakealon Keunte Mosley, 24, was charged Sunday with aggravated assault family member with a deadly weapon, police said. Mosley is an active duty soldier assigned to the 3rd Armored Brigade Combat Team, 1st Cavalry Division, on Fort Hood, post officials confirmed.

The Killeen Police Department dispatched officers in reference to a shooting victim at 1:53 a.m. at a Killeen night club. The affidavit for arrest states that as the officers were on their way to the scene, they were advised that a gunshot victim was transported by private vehicle to Seton Medical Center Harker Heights and was subsequently being airlifted to Baylor Scott and White in Temple.

According to the affidavit, witnesses at the scene identified Mosley as the shooter.

The witnesses stated that the victim, a woman, left the club and Mosley followed. While driving, the suspect pulled alongside the woman’s vehicle and fired several shots. Officers found multiple spent 9 mm shell casings at the site of the shooting and found multiple bullet holes in the vehicle the woman was in.

Detectives with the Violent Crimes Unit presented the case to the Bell County District Attorney’s Office and a complaint was returned charging Mosley. Justice of the Peace Bill Cooke issued a warrant for his arrest with bond set at $50,000.

Mosley was located and arrested and is currently in the Bell County Jail, KPD said in a news release on Tuesday.

The woman was shot in the head during the incident and underwent surgery. She is listed as stable in but in critical condition, police said.

The investigation is ongoing. | 254-501-7554

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Coach C

That's no Soldier. That's a thug and someone underserving to wear the colors of our nation. What happened to standards, Army?! I know that all branches have that small percentage that slipped through the crack, but over the last 10+ years it's been the Army who has been giving everyone who has ever served for any branch a bad rep. We Marines have our share of problems, but you all take the darn cake!

This has a lot of blame on leadership too. These are mostly all young men/women committing these heinous crimes.

You know, this reminds me of warehouses/offices/etc in shows that have a whiteboard with something like "--- Days without an incident" and it seems for the Army it's just stuck forever on Zero days.

Michael Fornino

Forget "diversity" and "sensitivity" for just a moment here.

Anyone notice the lack of grooming on this individual? Can ANYONE recall a time until recently when ANY member of ANY service was allowed to have that much facial hair and stylized like that?

THIS is the degree of low standards our current armed forces are in. All individuality, no discipline, and no accountability.

...then we are supposed to act surprised when someone who is supposed to represent the best of us - wearing the uniform of the United States commits such an act?


Agree with Dimar. I don't go anywhere in Killeen without packing, and any business that prohibits law abiding citizens from carrying, doesn't get my business


When we first moved here other than the shooting at Lubi's you didn't hear too much about shootings in this area. Now we have a bunch of gangster wanna be's out there shooting the place up. And people wonder why I carry on a daily basis.

Wayne Jefferson

Just another idiot whose insecurity let his primitive emotions let loose. If someone don't want to be a couple then go the opposite way. Stupid people


He doesn't look like a soldier unless he has been AWOL.

Michael Fornino

Read my comments...

What "soldier" is allowed to have that much facial hair? ...and if nobody called him out on it, disciplined him on his general appearance / military bearing (lack of)...

Then, once again...we have the "leaders" at Fort Hood to thank for that.


What the story doesn't mention is that the victim is also a Ft. Hood soldier who this clown has been harassing/ stalking for almost a year and the leadership at Ft. Hood failed to protect her.


Dubmac, I'd like to talk to you about this if you don't mind. I'm a family member of the victim and served in the Army for 14 years. I can promise you I won't allow this to be a statistic. If the command failed her, which we know happens, I'll be making sure her voice is heard along with everyone else willing to help. Too much of this happens in the service and most times gets washed away. Not this time. Please me know how I can get in contact with you. Anything you inform me about I can keep you anonymous and I'll speak as if it's coming from me. . Thank you for your time.


Pathetic and disgusting. This, unfortunately, seems to be the pathetic way of life in this area. Nothing but crime, shootings, beating people up. I've lived here mostly since year 2000 and it's just gone into nothing but an absolute sewer pit. It turns my stomach and makes me sick. As soon as my son is out on his own, I am leaving this gutter sludge of a city, and never looking back.

Michael Fornino

Oh, you can thank our glorious mayor - his majesty Segarra putting his personal real estate concerns above any decisions for the town in any decisions he makes.

Further, when I was on the phone with the autistic sphynx of a city manager we have - HE actually said, and this is a DIRECT quote "You're concerned with the IMAGE of this town?"

Yeah...that's our "leadership".

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