Fort Hood name change

Fort Hood, created in 1942, is named after Gen. John Bell Hood, a Confederate general from Texas. The late Gen. Richard Cavazos was also from Texas, fought in Vietnam, and later commanded Fort Hood. He was the first Hispanic general in the U.S. Army.

As many soldiers know, the Army has a procedure for just about everything. And that includes renaming a huge military installation.

For months, Fort Hood’s top brass, garrison workers, soldiers and others have been preparing for the post’s big name change to Fort Cavazos. | 254-501-7468


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The name change happens on May 9 at the III Armored Corps Headquarters. Fort Hood is the home of the 1st Cavalry Division, 1st Army Division West, 13th Armored Corps Sustainment Command and other separate brigades, tenant units and organizations – in total more than 34,500 soldiers and airmen and an additional 48,500 family members.


The post is one of nine U.S. Army installations the Naming Commission has recommended redesignating based on its name linked to symbols, displays, monuments and paraphernalia commemorating the Confederate States of America.


Watch live video of the event here:;!!CxwJSw!JOcvjeH49HYTeoQg5ePw4-AlO-IXl1_qZv_nlCySgVIggWQgfSmulFdowp3wwl4IWQcq2kWzeZJ0m-bQwXUZI1Kv1w%24




Wonder what the date of the ceremony is and where we can view the live stream or link. Thanks for posting 🙏

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