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International Budget for Wednesday, September 2, 2020

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^Trump has slipped among key groups that backed him in 2016<

CAMPAIGN-POLL:LA — President Donald Trump's support has eroded among key groups of voters who backed him in 2016 — a major reason why he continues to trail former Vice President Joe Biden and a prime motivator for the president's reelection strategy of emphasizing violent disorder in the nation's cities.

Trump's decline among parts of his 2016 base is a chief finding so far from the USC Dornsife Daybreak Poll, which tracked voter preferences daily four years ago and is doing so again this year. Overall, Trump has lost support from about 9% of voters who backed him in 2016, the poll finds.

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^Trump's Kenosha visit exposes US divides over race and policing ahead of November vote<

TRUMP-KENOSHA-1ST-LEDE:LA — In front of a brick building northwest of downtown, on a day when the nation's gaze again fixed on this once-strong factory city, Justin Blake declared that President Donald Trump must be defeated as he stood over the spot where a police officer shot his nephew in the back seven times.

"We don't have any words for the orange man," Blake said of Trump as he spoke to a crowd of more than 100 people — most of them Black — who had come for a block party complete with barbecue and bounce house. "All I ask is he keep his disrespect, his foul language far away. Our president hasn't been a unifier."

Two and a half miles away, a different scene unfolded in uptown Kenosha, as the president's supporters lined up behind barricades in anticipation of his arrival, waving American flags and hoping to catch of glimpse of his motorcade.

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^Tropical Storm Nana forms in the Caribbean. Watches issued for Central America<

WEA-NANA:MI — Tropical Storm Nana, the 14th named storm of the season, has formed South of Jamaica, said the National Hurricane Center.

As of the 12:20 p.m. update, Nana was about 120 miles south-southwest of Negril, Jamaica, with 50 mph maximum winds.

200 by Alex Harris in Miami.

^Lebanon marks a bitter centennial, as French President Macron urges change<

LEBANON:LA — Lebanese officials facing a devastated economy, coronavirus concerns and the task of forming a new government on Tuesday took a back seat to visiting French President Emmanuel Macron during the country's centennial.

French warplanes flew overhead with the Lebanese tricolor, and it was Macron who planted a cedar tree — the country's emblem — in a northeastern Lebanese reserve, with no Lebanese politicians in sight.

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^Virgin Islands attorney general wants a peek at Ghislaine Maxwell's sealed testimony<

EPSTEIN-MAXWELL-VIRGINISLANDS:MI — The attorney general of the U.S. Virgin Islands, who has accused the estate of Jeffrey Epstein of being an ongoing criminal enterprise, asked a federal judge Tuesday to grant her intervention in order to review sealed court testimony given by alleged Epstein madam Ghislaine Maxwell.

In a filing to U.S. District Judge Loretta Preska, Attorney General Denise George sought access to a transcript now at the heart of two other important cases. The Maxwell transcript is from a lawsuit settled in 2017 between Maxwell and Epstein's chief accuser, Virginia Roberts Giuffre.

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^Australian study shows honeybee venom can kill breast cancer cells<

^MED-BREASTCANCER-HONEYBEES:DPA—<The venom from European honeybees has been found to be "remarkably effective" at killing hard-to-treat aggressive breast cancer cells, according to researchers in Western Australia.

The study conducted by the Harry Perkins Institute of Medical Research used the venom from 312 honeybees and bumblebees to investigate its anti-cancer properties.

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^DeVos: Open schools but let parents choose whether children attend<

CORONAVIRUS-DEVOS-SCHOOLS:DTN — In a new letter to the nation's parents, Education Secretary Betsy DeVos is encouraging them to send their kids back to school, warning of students falling behind academically without directly addressing the health risks posed by the coronavirus.

The letter, first published Tuesday by The Detroit News, also presses the Michigan native's agenda for expanding school choice, saying she wants more options for families who feel their school isn't meeting their needs.

"That starts with schools being open," DeVos writes. "No one is suggesting that every single child must be behind a desk in a classroom, or that health realities on the ground won't cause temporary disruptions.

"We do, however, believe that, as the rule, schools must be open for in-person learning as an option for the families who want or who need it," she continues.

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^White House says CDC will halt evictions using quarantine rules<

CORONAVIRUS-CDC-EVICTIONS:BLO — The Trump administration said it will use its quarantine authority to keep renters in their homes during the coronavirus pandemic as a way to prevent an eviction crisis that could worsen economic strains.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention plans to temporarily halt evictions of consumers earning no more than $99,000 a year to prevent the virus from spreading, a senior administration official said Tuesday. The policy will take effect immediately.

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^After Labor Day, Senate plans to vote on 'skinny' coronavirus stimulus bill<

CORONAVIRUS-RELIEF:NY — Senate Republicans hope to vote next week on a so-called "skinny" coronavirus stimulus package even as the gap between the White House and Democrats remains as wide as ever.

Sen. John Barrasso, R-Wyo., a close ally of Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, said the GOP wants to move quickly after Labor Day on a spending package worth about $1 trillion to aid hard-pressed Americans.

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^Dr. Fauci defends coronavirus death toll numbers after Trump questions tally<

CORONAVIRUS-FAUCI:NY — Dr. Anthony Fauci has a message for America: A lot of people have died from coronavirus and you don't have to be a deep state bureaucrat to believe it.

The world-famous pandemic effort backed the official pandemic death toll of nearly 200,000 after President Donald Trump retweeted a conspiracy theory that fewer than 10,000 Americans have perished.

"There are 180,000-plus deaths — (those) are real deaths from COVID-19. Let (there) not be any confusion about that," Fauci said in an ABC News interview.

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^First vaccine doses would go to health workers under US guide<

CORONAVIRUS-VACCINE-PRIORITY:BLO — The first doses of a COVID-19 vaccine should go to front-line health-care workers and first responders, followed by people at higher medical risk from the virus, said a group of scientists and academics advising the U.S. government.

The draft guidelines released Tuesday were developed by the National Academies of Science, Engineering and Medicine. Their recommendations will help U.S. health officials come up with a final plan to distribute a vaccine, once one is available.

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^US says will not be 'constrained' by WHO-linked vaccine effort<

^CORONAVIRUS-US-WHO-VACCINE:DPA—<The White House said Tuesday that the U.S. will not join a global effort aimed at providing equitable worldwide access to COVID-19 vaccines, citing the project's link to a "corrupt" World Health Organization.

Over 170 nations are in talks to join the vaccine initiative, known as COVAX, which has already received a 400 million euro ($475 million) pledge from the European Commission.

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^With deadly August in rearview mirror, has California put worst of COVID-19 behind it?<

CORONAVIRUS-CALIF:SJ — California has officially put its deadliest month from COVID-19 behind it. Now, will it stay that way?

September brings with it a fresh slate and a declining death curve, meaning that if the numbers continue trending in this direction, then yes, August will have been California's deadliest month of the pandemic.

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^Report: Nancy Pelosi's San Francisco secret hair salon visit caught on camera<

^CORONAVIRUS-PELOSI-SALON:SJ—<Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi is under fire after reportedly getting her hair done at a San Francisco salon on Monday, even as the county continued forbidding salons and barbershops to open as part of the coronavirus shutdown.

In security camera footage obtained by Fox News, Pelosi can be seen walking inside a salon with what appears to be a face covering around her neck. The speaker was followed closely by a man in a face mask who appears to be her stylist. Pelosi's hair is wet in the video and she looks to be wearing a robe.

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^Florida cuts ties with testing contractor over data dump of nearly 75,000 'stale' COVID-19 results<

CORONAVIRUS-FLA-TESTING:OS — Gov. Ron DeSantis severed all state ties to Quest Diagnostics after learning of a massive data dump of nearly 75,000 unreported coronavirus cases dating back to April.

The state Department of Health delayed its daily reporting of coronavirus numbers Tuesday because of what DeSantis said was "unusable and stale data" from the company.

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^Zoom overload, COVID-19 hardship: Thousands of kindergartners vanish from LA schools<

CORONAVIRUS-KINDERGARTEN-STRUGGLES:LA — Kindergarten enrollment is down sharply in Los Angeles public schools and elsewhere, signaling that many parents of the state's youngest students face heavy burdens with online learning and may be opting out of traditional public schools or moving out of L.A. amid the coronavirus crisis.

The drop of 6,000 kindergarten students in the nation's second-largest school district represents a 14% decline since last year. When combined with anecdotal reports of inconsistent kindergarten attendance in live online classes, some virtual classrooms appear to be at about 50% to 75% capacity.

Since campuses shut in mid-March, experts have expressed particular concern over 4-, 5- and 6-year-old students

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^More than 94% of public school students in Washington state learning remotely this fall, new data shows<

CORONAVIRUS-WASHSTATE-SCHOOLS:SE — More than 94% of Washington state public school kids beginning classes this month are doing so almost entirely remotely, according to new data from the state education department.

It comes about a month after Gov. Jay Inslee and other state officials declared it was unsafe for the vast majority of schools to reopen their buildings given the coronavirus case counts in their communities.

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^Following test results dust-up, California to unveil a new COVID-19 reporting system in October<

CORONAVIRUS-CALIF-DATA:LA — A month after a state public health computer database failure caused the distortion of COVID-19 test results across California and disrupted the state's response to the pandemic, the Newsom administration on Tuesday announced that a new reporting system will be online in October.

The state signed a contract with software company OptumInsight Inc. for a database that will handle all COVID-19 testing results, replacing the troubled California Reportable Disease Information Exchange, or CalREDIE.

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^Russia passes 1 million COVID-19 cases as epidemic simmers<

CORONAVIRUS-RUSSIA:BLO — Russia became the fourth country to pass 1 million confirmed cases of COVID-19, joining the U.S., India and Brazil, on the day schools across the country reopened for the new academic year.

The death toll increased by 123 to 17,299, a mortality rate that remains much lower than that of many other large nations. The number of fatalities is also significantly lower than those reported by the Federal Statistics Service, which said there were nearly 25,000 COVID-19 related deaths in May and June alone, the most recent data available.

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^Hunger is threatening to kill more people than COVID this year<

^CORONAVIRUS-HUNGER:BLO—<The world is hurtling toward an unprecedented hunger crisis.

As many as 132 million more people than previously projected could go hungry in 2020, and this year's gain may be more than triple any increase this century. The pandemic is upending food supply chains, crippling economies and eroding consumer purchasing power. Some projections show that by the end of the year, COVID-19 will cause more people to die each day from hunger than from virus infections.

What makes the situation unmatched: The massive spike is happening at a time of enormous global food surpluses. And it's happening in every part of the world, with new levels of food insecurity forecast for countries that used to have relative stability.

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^Trump blows up compassionate image portrayed at RNC<

^TRUMP-IMAGE-SHIFT:LA—<Speaker after speaker at last week's Republican National Convention painted a benign portrait of President Donald Trump as compassionate, citing his call to a surgery patient and long-ago visit to a theme park, seeking to soften his image as racist and belligerent.

Trump has spent nearly every day since blowing up the kinder, gentler version.

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^DOJ puts new limits on spying authority Trump called 'witch hunt'<

CANDIDATES-SURVEILLANCE:BLO — The Justice Department announced a sweeping set of controls on surveillance activities, especially those targeting elected officials, candidates for federal office or their staff and advisers.

The new restrictions announced in memos Tuesday by Attorney General William Barr reflect his agreement with President Donald Trump's assertion that the FBI and President Barack Obama's administration "spied" on him and his 2016 presidential campaign during their investigation into Russia's efforts to help Trump win the election.

"What happened to the Trump presidential campaign and his subsequent administration after the president was duly elected by the American people must never happen again," according to one of the memos. Trump has branded the investigation into his campaign a "witch hunt" and continues to demand action against those involved.

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^Trump denies 'mini-strokes' after a visit to Walter Reed last year<

TRUMP-MEDICAL:NY — President Donald Trump denied having "a series of mini-strokes" Tuesday as he sought to respond to a bombshell new report that he was poised to hand over power to Vice President Mike Pence during a mysterious visit to Walter Reed Medical Center last year.

"Never happened to THIS candidate — FAKE NEWS," Trump tweeted.

Trump was responding to excerpts of a book by New York Times reporter Michael Schmidt that shed new light on the measures taken during the still-unexplained trip to the hospital, CNN reported.

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^Pharma lobby disputes Trump's claim that drug companies are negotiating<

TRUMP-DRUGPRICES:BLO — The pharmaceutical industry's leading lobby group said Tuesday it did not know of a meeting at the White House to discuss lowering prescription drug prices, after President Donald Trump said executives were coming in this week to negotiate.

"We are not aware of any meeting," said Nicole Longo, a spokeswoman for Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers of America.

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^US tells Venezuelan opposition that talk of military intervention is 'magical realism'<

USVENEZUELA-OPPOSITION:MI — In a harsh response to the increasing division in the Venezuelan opposition, U.S special envoy Elliott Abrams said that one opposition leader's latest comments on a potential American military intervention to solve the country's crisis reminded him of Gabriel Garcia Marquez's "magical realism."

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^Why Trump's 'Buy American' campaign went nowhere<

TRUMP-BUYAMERICAN:LA — From his earliest days in the White House, President Donald Trump vowed to throw the full weight of the administration behind a "Buy American, Hire American" campaign that would bolster the economy and bring home jobs.

But despite repeated vows to act and the unveiling of new initiatives, almost nothing has changed. Even the federal government, which spends billions of dollars buying goods as diverse as meat, salad greens, medical equipment and jet fighters, has not increased the share of what it spends at home versus what it buys overseas.

As Scott Paul, president of the Alliance for American Manufacturing, put it, "For a president who almost every day on the campaign trail said, 'Buy American and Hire American,' he has actually done very little to move the ball forward on that."

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^Trump campaign seeks to paint former prosecutor Kamala Harris as soft on crime<

CAMPAIGN-TRUMP-HARRIS:WA — Kamala Harris says she wants to "reimagine" policing, not abolish it.

She's been talking and writing about strategies for making law enforcement more efficient and responsive for years.

She's also got a reputation as a tough California prosecutor, an image that became so ingrained that many Black and liberal groups were cool to her before she became the Democrats' candidate for vice president.

But those aren't the stories the Trump campaign and its supporters tell as they seek to paint the California senator as a serious threat to everyone's safety.

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^Poll: Trump builds lead over Biden in Georgia after RNC<

CAMPAIGN-GA-POLL:AT — President Donald Trump has built an apparent lead over former Vice President Joe Biden in Georgia after two weeks of political conventions, strengthening his position in a state that's crucial to his reelection chances, according to a poll released Tuesday by Atlanta's WSB-TV.

The poll, conducted by Landmark Communications, shows Trump ahead of Biden, 48% to 41%. About 2% of Georgians support Libertarian Jo Jorgensen, while 9% are undecided.

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^Appeals Court further delays Manhattan DA's demand for Trump's tax returns<

TRUMP-RECORDS-NY:NY — President Donald Trump has successfully stalled Manhattan District Attorney Cy Vance's demand for his tax returns for more than a year thanks to a Tuesday ruling by the 2nd Circuit Court of Appeals.

The one-page order from the Appeals Court scheduled a hearing for Sept. 25. In the meantime, Vance's demand for eight years of returns from Trump's longtime accounting firm, Mazars, remains on pause.

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^Group linked to national Democrats will spend millions as Missouri governor race heats up<

^CAMPAIGN-MOGOV:WA—<National Democrats will spend more than $5 million over the next five weeks on TV ads in Missouri to boost Democrat Nicole Galloway's campaign against Republican Gov. Mike Parson.

A Stronger Missouri, an independent expenditure group linked to the Democratic Governors Association, will launch the ad campaign Wednesday with a spot attacking Parson for accepting lobbyist gifts.

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^A Kennedy loses in Massachusetts and a storied dynasty fades<

MASSSENATE:LA — The 2020 political season has delivered a lot of curve balls, and here's another: For the first time in U.S. history, a Kennedy has lost an election in Massachusetts.

Sen. Edward Markey's ability to beat back a challenge from Rep. Joseph P. Kennedy III in the state's Democratic primary Tuesday was a tribute to the incumbent's skill at organizing progressive activists behind him against a scion of a storied political family.

It was also a tribute to a broader political dynamic that reaches beyond Massachusetts and the Democratic Party: the loosening grip of family dynasties in American politics.

1150 by Janet Hook in Washington. MOVED


^Mail-in voting is partisan, polls find; it could make for a confusing election night<

MAILVOTING-POLLS:WA — Increased mail-in voting this year and the stark partisan divide surrounding it may mean initial results on election night are misleading or confusing, polls and analysts suggest.

Many states have removed barriers to vote by mail as the ongoing coronavirus pandemic makes the safety of in-person voting questionable. Overall, polls have suggested a record number of voters, about one-third, will cast mail-in ballots for the general election, according to the analysis website FiveThirtyEight.

650 by Bailey Aldridge. MOVED


^Amid turmoil at Fort Hood, post commander replaced and denied new role at Fort Bliss<

FORTHOOD:AU — Amid public outcry over a series of homicides and allegations of sexual misconduct at Fort Hood, the U.S. Army on Tuesday announced the removal of the post's top commander, Maj. Gen. Scott Efflandt.

Army officials said Efflandt was supposed to take command of a division at Fort Bliss near El Paso in the near future, but will no longer move into that role. Efflandt is now instructed to stay at Fort Hood near Killeen to serve as the deputy commanding general for support.

900 by Heather Osbourne in Austin, Texas. MOVED


^Russians used real US journalists to write troll-driven content<

^RUSSIAN-TROLLS-JOURNALISTS:NY—<Real journalists, perhaps unwittingly, created content for social media content run by Russian trolls with links to the 2016 presidential election.

Acting on a tip from the FBI, Facebook announced Tuesday that it had identified and shut down internet news site Peace Data, which it said has ties to Russia's Internet Research Agency.

Twitter announced Tuesday that it too had identified and blacklisted several accounts operated by Russian state actors including Peace Data, which aimed to disseminate information to American voters.

400 by Brian Niemietz. MOVED


^UC must drop SAT, ACT for admissions and scholarships, judge rules<

CMP-CALIF-ADMISSIONS-TESTS:LA — The University of California must immediately suspend all use of SAT and ACT test scores for admissions and scholarship decisions under a preliminary injunction issued by an Alameda County Superior Court judge.

The ruling came in a lawsuit asserting that the use of standardized test scores are broadly biased — and particularly detrimental to students with disabilities who seek to take the test during the coronavirus crisis.

450 by Teresa Watanabe in Los Angeles. MOVED


^Family, activists decry shooting death of Black man by LA sheriff's deputies<

LA-SHERIFF-SHOOTING:LA — Family members and activists on Tuesday demanded that the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department release the names of the deputies who shot and killed a Black man in the South Los Angeles neighborhood of Westmont the day before.

Monday's shooting death of Dijon Kizzee, 29, has elicited fresh waves of outcry and outrage, and renewed calls for law enforcement transparency and that those involved be arrested and prosecuted.

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^Making false, racist 911 calls could soon be a crime in California<

CALIF-911-FAKECALLS:LA — Calling 911 to harass or otherwise violate the rights of a person based only on their race would be classified as a hate crime that could lead to jail time and a fine under a bill passed by California lawmakers on Monday.

The legislation comes amid a nationwide reckoning on systemic racism and following confrontations across the country in which primarily white people have made discriminatory emergency calls to the police when encountering people of color bird watching and barbecuing in a park, among other everyday activities.

400 by Phil Willon. MOVED


^'I thanked the Creator.' Man wins freedom after COVID-19 delays, philosophical change on teenage sentences<

INMATE-FREED:TB — A man once sentenced to life in prison for murder as a teenager has won his freedom after serving 26 years behind bars — including a monthslong series of delays that kept him locked up during the deadly coronavirus outbreak.

LaRon Warren said he "almost broke down" as the judge reduced his sentence.

"I thanked the Creator. I said a silent prayer and thanked him," Warren told the Tribune. He recalled his late mother, who advocated for sentencing reforms. "I know my mom was sitting beside the Creator rejoicing."

Warren, 44, was convicted in the murder of Ebony Higgins, a pregnant teen who was shot dead on Easter Sunday in 1994. At the time, Warren was 17 and free on bail for a murder charge from the year before in what court documents describe as a drug deal gone bad.

1050 (with trims) by Ray Long and Megan Crepeau in Chicago. MOVED


^NY to investigate Long Island bar for taking bets on number of shootings over Labor Day weekend<

LABORDAY-SHOOTINGS-WAGERING:NY — A Long Island bar that reportedly bragged on Instagram about taking bets for whether New York City or Chicago will have the most Labor Day weekend shootings is now squarely in the crosshairs of the State Liquor Authority.

New York state officials blasted the Cliffton in Patchogue for its "repugnant" post — and said that the bar was already in trouble for refusing to let inspectors check it for coronavirus violations.

350 by John Annese in New York. MOVED


^FBI warns that doorbell cameras — widely seen as police ally — could actually sabotage investigations<

FBI-DOORBELL-CAMERAS:NY — Doorbell security systems like Amazon's Ring, which have long been considered an ally in the fight against crime, could actually sabotage police investigations and pose a safety risk to law enforcement personnel, the FBI warned in a leaked document.

The internet-connected cameras have been used to alert suspects when police show up on their premises to conduct searches, the agency wrote in a technical analysis bulletin issued in November 2019.

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^Baltimore police moving to encrypt scanner transmissions, keeping public from hearing calls<

^POLICE-SCANNER-ENCRYPTION:BZ—<As part of a planned upgrade of its radio systems, the Baltimore Police Department is switching to encrypted transmissions, eliminating the ability for most of the public to listen in.

Baltimore would become the first police department in the state to encrypt their radio communications, according to a list compiled by RadioReference, a popular site that culls nationwide feeds. Hundreds of agencies throughout the country have made the switch.

350 by Justin Fenton in Baltimore. MOVED


^A shooting suspect already served his time, but he's risking a longer prison term to clear his name<

FLA-SUSPECT-CLEARNAME:FL — Jerrod Watson already served his time — a year and a day in the Broward Main Jail after pleading no contest to attempted murder and firing a weapon from a vehicle.

But Watson's freedom is again at stake, an unintended casualty of the state's effort to make amends for a prosecutor who got fired after she posted a racist rant on her Facebook page.

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^Prosecutors file assault, robbery charges in attack on transgender women in Hollywood<

LA-TRANSGENDER-CRIME:LA — Los Angeles County prosecutors filed assault and robbery charges Tuesday against two of the men linked to a brutal attack on a group of transgender women in Hollywood last month that was caught on video and labeled a hate crime, authorities said.

Carlton Callway, 29, and Davion Williams, 22, will face charges including robbery and assault in connection with the Aug. 17 attack on Hollywood Boulevard, according to a news release issued by the Los Angeles County district attorney's office.

450 by James Queally in Los Angeles. MOVED


^Connecticut state troopers argue in court against police accountability law that would open personnel files sealed by contract<

CONN-POLICE-FILES:HC — The state police union argued in federal court Tuesday against sections of a new police accountability law that could result in public disclosure of information in trooper personnel files that is now sealed by the union's contract.

450 by Edmund H. Mahony in Hartford, Conn. MOVED


^Emmett Till house in Chicago poised to take first step toward official landmark status<

EMMETTTILL-HOUSE:TB — The Chicago house of Emmett Till, whose brutal murder in Mississippi helped spark the civil rights movement, is expected to take the first step toward official city landmark status Thursday.

The Commission on Chicago Landmarks will consider a recommendation for the house, at 6427 S. St. Lawrence Ave., beginning a multistep process that would protect it from significant changes or demolition.

300 by Blair Kamin in Chicago. MOVED


^Baltimore gives destroyed Columbus statue back to Italian-American organization that donated it<

BALTIMORE-STATUE:BZ — After protesters toppled a towering statue of Christopher Columbus and dumped it into Baltimore's Inner Harbor, a group of Italian Americans organized to fish the chunks of marble out of the water.

They moved what was left of the statue to a private warehouse for "safekeeping," far from the piazza where it stood for more than three decades. The group is now working to restore it to its original form.

550 by Talia Richman in Baltimore. MOVED


^FBI investigating after commercial plane near LAX reports: 'We just passed a guy in a jet pack'<

LA-AIRPORT-JETPACK:LA — The FBI has launched an investigation after an American Airlines pilot said he saw what appeared to be a man flying with a jet pack Sunday night near Los Angeles International Airport.

"Tower, American 1997. We just passed a guy in a jet pack," the pilot stated as he put in a call to the control tower.

150 by Richard Winton in Los Angeles. MOVED



^Chadwick Boseman's 'Black Panther' family asks: 'How do you honor a king?'<

^BOSEMAN-APPRECIATION-BLACKPANTHER:LA—<The cast and creatives of "Black Panther" are celebrating the life of their onscreen king, Chadwick Boseman, who died Friday at age 43 after a private battle with colon cancer.

Angela Bassett, Winston Duke, Danai Gurira, Sterling K. Brown, Andy Serkis, Forest Whitaker, production designer Hannah Beachler and director Ryan Coogler have all shared touching tributes to their late friend and colleague, who inspired millions with his acclaimed performance as King T'Challa of Wakanda, aka Black Panther.

1250 by Christi Carras. MOVED



^Commentary: Kamala Harris' vice presidential run is a campaign to be America's second Black president<

^CAMPAIGN-HARRIS-COMMENTARY:LA—<Make no mistake, Kamala Harris, not Joe Biden, is on the Democratic ticket as the face of the leadership the country is demanding now. Her vice presidential candidacy, in essence, is a bid to become America's second Black president.

900 by Erin Aubry Kaplan. MOVED


^Commentary: The Chicano Moratorium of 1970 still has plenty of lessons for today<

^CALIF-CHICANO-MORATORIUM-ANNIVERSARY-COMMENTARY:LA—<Fifty years ago Saturday, 20,000 people marched through the streets of East Los Angeles to call for an end to the Vietnam War. The Chicano Moratorium Committee, made up mostly of young Mexican Americans under age 30, organized the protest in part to highlight the fact that Latino men were dying in the war far out of proportion to their numbers in the population.

Does that sound familiar? Today, as we battle the coronavirus, Latinos are once again on the front lines and dying in disproportionate numbers. And as we confront that grim fact and try to effect change, there are lessons we can learn from the Chicano Moratorium and the larger movement it was a part of.

850 by Ernesto Chavez. MOVED


^Commentary: Missing the comfort of 'my' seat in synagogue when the whole world is askew<

^PANDEMIC-SYNAGOGUE-COMMENTARY:LA—<One Saturday morning last fall I arrived at my synagogue, only to discover that someone had taken my seat.

I've never been a regular at a bar or a restaurant or even a gym. But on Shabbat, the Jewish day of rest, I go to synagogue. And I always sit in the same place: on the aisle, not too close to the front, not too far from the action. A couple of rows behind Ruth and Reuven, across the aisle from Cheryl, just in front of Len.

What happens when you get bumped from your regular place, your set routine? We've all faced that question as the pandemic has scrambled schedules and shuttered shops and cafes.

800 by Tom Fields-Meyer. MOVED


^Trudy Rubin: Trump's promotion of armed militias risks stoking civil war<

^RUBIN-COLUMN:PH—<Armed militias have been the classic tool of authoritarian regimes in for the past century, from Hitler's brown shirts to Iran's Revolutionary Guards.

Only last month, I heard the Iraqi prime minister describe his struggle to curb Iranian-backed militias in his country that have killed peaceful protesters. In Belarus and Moscow, autocrats are using personal security forces to attack pro-democracy activists. In Hong Kong, once a rule of law bastion, police sent or trained by Beijing are helping the mainland crush protesters.

Now President Donald Trump has openly joined the pro-militia crowd.

900 by Trudy Rubin. MOVED


^Noah Feldman: El Al flight over Saudi Arabia is a sign of hope<

^FELDMAN-COLUMN:BLO—<It's big news that an El Al flight carrying Israeli officials, Jared Kushner and his negotiating team flew from Tel Aviv to Abu Dhabi in three hours and forty minutes. The reason it didn't take seven hours is that Saudi Arabia allowed the Israeli flight to go through its airspace — the first time that has ever happened.

On its own, the overflight is a signal that the Saudi kingdom is prepared to give some more-than-passive validation to the Israel-United Arab Emirates peace deal that is close to being inked. On a deeper level, the subtle Saudi signal raises two all-important questions about the peace deal: Will other Arab states sign on? And will the Gulf States' willingness to consider peace with Israel without movement toward an Israel-Palestine peace agreement lead to changes in the Palestinian strategy for trying to get a functioning state?

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^Editorial: Portland killing underscores complexity of protests and leadership<

^PORTLAND-MAN-KILLED-EDITORIAL:LA—<There is still much to be learned about the brutal killing Saturday night in Portland, Oregon, of Aaron "Jay" Danielson. But there can be little doubt that with his violent death and many others in U.S. cities over the last three months, we are witnessing multiple failures of leadership and a fearsome unraveling of the fabric of civility that binds our nation together.

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^Editorial: Mr. President, if you want peace, make this your next tweet<

^TRUMP-VIOLENCE-PROTESTS-EDITORIAL:DA—<We have reached a point of great danger for our nation that threatens the expansion of violence and the engulfment of people of goodwill who do not now and have never wanted anything but the best for their fellow citizens.

Throughout history, when radical and violent people decide to ignite the fuel of grievance and anger, outright conflict has often broken out in societies.

It is at such a moment that leadership is most crucial, and we are at such a moment.

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^Murray fights from brink to win Grand Slam comeback match at US Open<

TEN-USOPEN:DPA — Britain's Andy Murray enjoyed a winning return to Grand Slam tennis by summoning his inner warrior to rally from two sets down and defeat Japan's Yoshihito Nishioka in the US Open first round on Tuesday.

The former world No. 1 was contesting his first singles match at a major since the 2019 Australian Open and his first since undergoing hip resurfacing surgery.

Murray saved a match point late in the fourth set on his way to a battling 4-6, 4-6, 7-6 (7-5), 7-6 (7-4), 6-4 victory at Arthur Ashe stadium after nearly five hours of play.

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