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Lifestyle Budget for Thursday, February 13, 2020

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^Graffiti-removal company hires only homeless or formerly incarcerated workers<

^LIFE-GRAFFITIREMOVAL-WORKERS:PH—<Early on, Kelley was struck by how often homeless people would approach him, asking for work. When he finally had enough business to need help, he offered one of them a job — and an invitation to crash on his living room couch.

"A year later, he was able to move out, and finally got a place of his own," said Kelley. "He got back together with his girlfriend and now has a family."

His success inspired Kelley to establish a unique employment policy: He hires only those who are homeless or have been previously incarcerated.

"They were once spat upon on the sidewalk, and now they're thanked," he said proudly.

850 by Terri Akman in Philadelphia. MOVED


^Illinois college's newest program this fall: how to grow cannabis<

EDU-COLLEGE-CANNABISCLASS:SL — A public university here this fall will join a handful of colleges across the country offering students classes on the state's newest cash crop: cannabis.

Starting in August, agriculture students at Western Illinois University will be able to enroll in a minor designed to teach them all about growing the cannabis plant: both marijuana and it's nonpsychoactive relative, hemp.

350 by Nassim Benchaabane in Macomb, Ill. MOVED


^After a long search, family adopts special-needs child<

FAM-SPECIALNEEDS-ADOPTION:FT — Chelsea Guido always knew she wanted to adopt, even after she and her husband had three healthy children.

But there was a certain child they wanted: one with Down syndrome.

Chelsea has worked as a teacher for special-needs children, and they have a special place in her heart, she said.

550 by Yffy Yossifor in Fort Worth, Texas. MOVED


^Cabaret darling Shannon Turner suffered a brain injury — and survived to sing about it<

LIFE-SINGER-BRAININJURY:PH — Singer Jim Morrison's status as an "American poet" comes in for a brutally sarcastic drubbing when Philly cabaret singer Shannon Turner the songs of the late Doors front man.

In a performance posted to YouTube, Turner interrupts her version of Morrison's "Roadhouse Blues" to mock not only the song's rudimentary lyrics, but also what she calls "the worst scat that (she's) ever heard anyone do ever in the history of sound."

Despite that takedown, there's an undeniable power to Turner's performance when she resumes the song, belting out "the future's uncertain and the end is always near" with a combination of wry humor and barrelhouse grit.

1150 by Shaun Brady in Philadelphia. MOVED


^Dwyane Wade opens up about helping his daughter Zaya 'live her truth' and acknowledging her gender identity<

^BKN-WADE-DAUGHTER:TB—<Retired NBA star Dwyane Wade and his wife, actress Gabrielle Union, consider themselves allies of the LGBTQ community, a responsibility they took seriously when their daughter Zaya opened up about her gender identity.

Wade shared some details of the night Zaya, 12, told her parents she was ready to "live her truth" during an appearance on "The Ellen DeGeneres Show" airing Tuesday.

450 by Jamal Collier. (Moved as a sports story.) MOVED



^Professor teaches tiny nanoparticles to prevent heart attacks<

MED-NANOPARTICLES:DTN — An associate professor from Michigan State University has helped invent a potential treatment for coronary artery disease — a sub-microscopic scouring process he likens to "taking out the garbage."

950 by Neal Rubin in Detroit. MOVED


^Infectious diseases A to Z: Novel coronavirus named covid-19<

^HEALTH-CORONAVIRUS-NAME:MYO—<Covid-19 is the new name for the disease caused by the novel coronavirus.

The World Health Organization (WHO) says that "Co" and "vi" are derived from coronavirus, "d" stands for disease, and "19" is the year first cases were seen.

350 From Mayo Clinic News Network. MOVED


^EpiPens still costly — despite generic alternatives, other reforms<

MED-EPIPENS-COST:OH — If Meg White ever got stung by a bee, her EpiPen could ultimately save her life.

But the injector she so desperately needs to carry with her at all times comes at a steep price.

White, 57, of Dublin, Ohio, said she recently paid $289 for a pack of two Mylan EpiPens, which can help stop a severe or life-threatening allergic reaction.

"It's aggravating to spend this money every year and then throw it out" after it expires, she said. "It's something I have to do so I just do it, so (the drug manufacturers) have you over a barrel."

In the nearly four years since a national controversy erupted over their price, the cost of the devices remain high, despite the introduction of lower-cost generic alternatives, advocates say.

850 by Megan Henry in Columbus, Ohio. MOVED



^On Gardening: The Diamond darlings of the garden world are massing quite a trophy room<

^HOME-ONGARDENING:MCT—<If there was such a thing as a Super Bowl dynasty in the plant world it would have to go to Diamond Frost euphorbia. Somehow, I doubt that Proven Winners and the entire green industry knew what they had when it made its debut over a dozen years ago.

650 by Norman Winter. MOVED


^Captain Comics: 'Birds' of a feather<

^HBY-COMICS:MCT—<"Birds of Prey" has arrived, with some interesting takes on our favorite funnybook characters some spot on, some wildly different. Let us, as they say on every English essay test, compare and contrast:

1450 by Andrew A. Smith. MOVED


^Dahleen Glanton: Dreadlocks should be as acceptable in the workplace as blond curly perms and man buns<

^GLANTON-COLUMN:TB—<It makes no sense that in 2020, black hair is still an issue in America. Braids, dreadlocks and Afros should be as acceptable as blond curly perms and man buns.

But across the country, black hair discrimination continues to make its way into the workplace, the school environment, public venues and entertainment events.

950 by Dahleen Glanton. MOVED


^Gracie Bonds Staples: Why ADOS is unapologetic in seeking reparations, black agenda<

STAPLES-COLUMN:AT — About four years ago, Amirah Lawson came across a couple of podcasts about the state of black America that resonated with her.

When it came to their politics and data analysis, "Tonetalks" and "BreakingBrown" were unlike anything she'd ever heard. And so every Monday, Wednesday and Friday, the 49-year-old marketing research analyst found herself tuning in and then launching into deep discussions with her sister about the issues authors Yvette Carnell and Antonio Moore had shared.

Issues like the racial wealth gap, mass incarceration, and reparations.

850 by Gracie Bonds Staples in Atlanta. MOVED


^Robin Abcarian: We have a fake eyelashes epidemic. I blame Fox News and the Kardashian sisters<

ABCARIAN-COLUMN:LA — I'm not sure that Roger Ailes and Kim Kardashian have much in common, but I will say this: the two of them helped foist an extreme feminine aesthetic on women that lately has become a parody of itself.

I'm talking about false eyelashes.

Thanks to the hyper-primped women of Fox News, and the overexposed Kardashian clan, fake eyelashes are not just for women who make a living appearing on camera anymore. They are disturbingly ubiquitous.

850 by Robin Abcarian in Los Angeles. MOVED




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