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^Despite past criticism of Roe v. Wade, Barrett rebuffs questions on abortion at hearing<

SCOTUS-BARRETT:LA — When pressed Tuesday during the second day of her Supreme Court confirmation hearing, Judge Amy Coney Barrett declined to comment on whether she believed the high court had wrongly decided two key cases guaranteeing a right to abortion, despite her past public comments and writings condemning them.

"It would actually be wrong — a violation of the canons — for me to do that as a sitting judge," Barrett said. "So if I express a view on a precedent one way or another, whether I say I love it or I hate it, it signals to litigants that I might tilt one way or another on a pending case."

1100 by Sarah D. Wire in Washington. MOVED


^Barrett shies from her mentor's positions during confirmation hearing<

SCOTUS-BARRETT-SCALIA:CON — Supreme Court nominee Amy Coney Barrett told the country that her approach to the law mirrored that of late conservative legal idol Justice Antonin Scalia, but she had a different message at her confirmation hearing Tuesday when confronted with his past opinions on abortion, health care and more.

"If I were confirmed, you would be getting Justice Barrett, not Justice Scalia," Barrett told the committee under questioning from California Democratic Sen. Dianne Feinstein about LGBT rights.

1250 (with trims) by Todd Ruger in Washington. MOVED


^FBI agent: Plot suspects talked about 'taking out' Virginia's governor, leaving Whitmer on lake<

MICH-GOV-PLOT:DTN — Members of an alleged conspiracy to kidnap Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer also talked about leaving her in the middle of Lake Michigan and "taking out" a second politician, Virginia Gov. Ralph Northam, an FBI agent testified Tuesday.

FBI Special Agent Richard Trask identified the Virginia governor, also a Democrat, during a hearing in federal court in Grand Rapids that ended with a magistrate judge ordering Waterford resident Kaleb Franks jailed without bond, calling him a danger to the community. Bond decisions are expected for two other members later Tuesday.

1050 Robert Snell and George Hunter in Grand Rapids, Mich. MOVED


^Trump reprises 2016 playbook in hope of another upset<

CAMPAIGN-TRUMP-PLAYBOOK:LA — President Donald Trump's campaign appears in chaos and has canceled TV ads in key states because it's so short on cash. He's sinking in polls and many Republicans fear he will take the Senate and state offices down with him on Election Day.

But Trump faced similar problems a month before the 2016 election and pulled off an upset victory for the ages. That partly explains why Trump relives that triumph — often with minute-by-minute embellishments of that election night — at nearly every campaign event as this year's race enters the final stretch.

1200 by Noah Bierman in Washington. MOVED


^Supreme Court lets Trump officials end census count early<

SCOTUS-CENSUS:BLO — The U.S. Supreme Court let President Donald Trump's administration end the census count more than two weeks early, dealing a blow to civil rights groups that said minorities will be undercounted as a result.

The justices, without explanation, blocked a federal trial court ruling that had required the decennial count to continue through the end of October.

200 by Greg Stohr in Washington. MOVED



Also moving as:

SCOTUS-CENSUS:LA — 450 by David G. Savage in Washington. MOVED



^Another 'skinny' coronavirus relief bill on tap in Senate, McConnell says<

CORONAVIRUS-RELIEF-1ST-LEDE:CON — The Senate will vote next week on a roughly $500 billion COVID-19 relief package that mirrors an earlier Republican proposal, Majority Leader Mitch McConnell announced Tuesday.

The decision to push another "skinny" relief bill marked a new attempt to jump-start negotiations that have been stalled for months over the size and shape of the next round of economic aid for the pandemic. But there was little reason to think that the upcoming legislation pushed by McConnell, R-Ky., stands any real chance of becoming law.

1050 by David Lerman in Washington. MOVED


^Without COVID-19 vaccine before election, Trump pushes experimental drug for seniors<

CORONAVIRUS-TRUMP-SENIORS:WA — President Donald Trump is promising emergency approval of a drug produced by Regeneron, which he credits with his own swift recovery from COVID-19, as a way to appeal to senior citizens who are breaking sharply away from his campaign over his response to the pandemic.

The last-ditch effort to shore up a voting demographic that was key to his victory in 2016 has raised new concerns among clinicians and infectious disease experts that the antibody cocktail, in early clinical trials, will receive fast-tracked approval well before sufficient data is collected on its safety and effectiveness.

1500 by Michael Wilner in Washington. MOVED


^National Guard called in to help contain COVID-19 outbreak at Minn. nursing home<

CORONAVIRUS-MINN-GUARD:MS — The Minnesota National Guard has been called in to provide emergency staffing support at a southern Minnesota nursing home that is struggling to contain a large and deadly outbreak of the novel coronavirus.

Sacred Heart Care Center, a 59-bed nursing home in downtown Austin, Minn., requested help from the National Guard late last week to help contain a COVID-19 outbreak that has sickened nearly a third of its staff and about 60% of its residents.

550 by Chris Serres in Minneapolis. MOVED


^Deep freezers and dry ice for Pfizer vaccine may face shortages<

CORONAVIRUS-VACCINE-SUPPLYSHORTAGES:CON — States are getting little federal assistance as they scramble to find medical-grade deep freezers or dry ice for one of the COVID-19 vaccines furthest along in development, which requires storage at much colder temperatures than found on an average winter day on the South Pole.

1600 (with trims) by Emily Kopp in Washington. MOVED


^Illinois' COVID-19 death toll pushes past 9,000<

CORONAVIRUS-ILL:TB — The number of deaths attributed to the coronavirus in Illinois surpassed 9,000 on Tuesday.

State public health officials on Tuesday reported 2,851 newly diagnosed cases and 29 additional deaths of people with COVID-19, raising the death toll to 9,026 throughout the course of the pandemic.

200 by Jamie Munks in Chicago. MOVED


^Abbott gets emergency FDA approval for antibody test that detects recent COVID-19 infections<

CORONAVIRUS-ANTIBODY-TEST:TB — Abbott's latest antibody test — meant to show whether a person has recently had COVID-19 — has gained emergency use authorization from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration.

The blood test detects a type of antibody, called IgM, that's present after a person has been recently infected with COVID-19, Abbott said in a news release.

250 by Lisa Schencker in Chicago. (Moved as a business story.) MOVED



^Sen. Gary Peters opens up about his family's personal abortion story<

SENATOR-ABORTION:DE — Sen. Gary Peters, for the first time, opened up about his personal experience with abortion in an Elle interview published Monday.

The Michigan Democratic incumbent shared details of the abortion his then-wife underwent in her second trimester to save her life. Peters went public with the story as his reelection campaign continues and Senate hearings begin for President Donald Trump's Supreme Court nominee, Judge Amy Coney Barrett.

In the 1980s, Peters first wife, Heidi, was four months pregnant with their second child when her water broke, leaving the fetus without amniotic fluid, Peters told the magazine. Doctors told them to wait for a miscarriage to naturally occur but that didn't happen.

600 by Nushrat Rahman in Detroit. (Moved as a Washington story.) MOVED


^Former Rep. Chris Collins begins prison sentence<

COLLINS:CON — Former Rep. Chris Collins began serving his 26-month prison term Tuesday at FPC Pensacola, a minimum-security federal prison camp in Florida.

Collins' arrival at the camp comes after four delays and just under nine months since he was sentenced in January for conspiring to commit securities fraud and making false statements to the FBI.

600 by Chris Marquette in Washington. MOVED


^Can communities of color get Congress' help with the impact of environmental hazards?<

ENV-HAZARDS-MINORITIES:WA — People of color and lower-income communities are often harder hit by the adverse effects of environmental hazards, so congressional Democrats are pushing legislation aimed at reducing the harm vulnerable communities face.

According to the Center for Sustainable Systems at the University of Michigan, on average, people of color makeup 56% of the population living in neighborhoods with toxic release inventory facilities, compared with 30% elsewhere.

650 by Grace Asiegbu in Washington. MOVED


^Expiring breaks for brewers, airlines driving tax extenders push<

CONGRESS-TAXEXTENDERS:CON — Lawmakers have not renewed the collection of disparate tax breaks known as "extenders" on time since the 1990s.

But the pandemic-driven economic collapse, along with big-time political support on both sides of the aisle for industries ranging from craft breweries to airlines, is driving potentially timely completion of an extenders package after the elections.

1300 (with trims) by Doug Sword in Washington. MOVED



^'With Donald Trump it's simple: You're expendable': Biden rips president in seniors event<

CAMPAIGN-BIDEN:MI — With Florida Democrats voting by mail at a record pace, Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden dove into deep blue Broward County on Tuesday in the hope of expanding his pre-Election Day lead over President Donald Trump.

Biden began his afternoon with a speech in Pembroke Pines designed to undercut Trump among senior voters by ripping his handling of the coronavirus pandemic. From there, he headed to Miramar as part of a national effort by his campaign and the Democratic National Committee to encourage voters to make a plan to vote.

1150 by David Smiley and Joey Flechas in Miami. MOVED


^Trump heads to Pa. for Johnstown rally<

CAMPAIGN-TRUMP:PH — President Donald Trump is returning to Pennsylvania on Tuesday night with a rally in Johnstown, marking his second campaign trip since he was infected and hospitalized with the coronavirus.

Trump held a rally in Florida on Monday evening, hours after his doctor said the president had tested negative for COVID-19 on "consecutive days" and was "not infectious to others."

450 by Sean Collins Walsh and Andrew Seidman in Johnstown, Pa.

Moving later

^Democrats aim for a Senate majority; the polling looks favorable<

SENATE-DEMOCRATS-OUTLOOK:LA — As Republicans inch closer to confirming Amy Coney Barrett to the Supreme Court, and Joe Biden enjoys a national lead over Donald Trump in the presidential race, there's also an intense battle going on for control of Congress.

The 2016 election delivered Republicans the White House in addition to both chambers of Congress. Democrats turned that around partway as they rode a wave of discontent to flip the House of Representatives in 2018.

1100 by Brian Contreras in Washington. MOVED


^Experts: Disinformation poses greatest threat to the election<

ELECTION-DISINFORMATION-DANGERS:CON — With less than one month to go before one of the most consequential elections in American history, experts are watching to see how well the complex and sometimes unwieldy U.S. election machinery performs across three areas: cybersecurity, physical constraints necessitated by the COVID-19 pandemic and the danger posed by disinformation.

While federal and state officials have taken significant steps since 2016 to address cybersecurity and physical security, the absence of a strong federal effort to combat disinformation about elections remains the biggest concern, experts said.

1100 (with trims) by Gopal Ratnam in Washington. MOVED


^President Trump, Joe Biden court Minnesota's Catholic vote<

^CAMPAIGN-MINN-CATHOLICS:MS—<The Catholic vote is being aggressively courted during these final weeks of the presidential campaign. Many Minnesota faithful are being targeted with mailings, text messages, phone calls and invitations to Zoom events that include praying the rosary with a nun.

Catholics comprise the largest single religious group in the nation, an estimated 23 % of the electorate. They're being targeted in battleground states such as Wisconsin, Michigan, Pennsylvania and Minnesota.

1100 by Jean Hopfensperger. MOVED


^Ex-White House doctor helps Trump spread attacks on Biden amid Texas congressional campaign<

^TEXASCONGRESS-13TH:DA—<Former White House physician and current Texas congressional candidate Ronny Jackson is one of President Donald Trump's closest allies in the Lone Star State, and he's been rewarded for his loyalty with Trump's endorsement and is considered well-positioned to keep the district in Republican control.

During the Republican primary in Texas' 13th Congressional District, Jackson bragged about having a "direct line to the president," and a day after securing the nomination, he contradicted experts by playing down the need for masks during the coronavirus pandemic — as Trump has.

On Tuesday, during a Trump campaign call with reporters, Jackson questioned Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden's mental fitness.

600 by Paul Cobler in Washington. MOVED



^Manhattan federal prosecutors declined to pursue Epstein and Maxwell case in 2016, sources say<

EPSTEIN-MAXWELL:NY — In July 2019, then-Manhattan U.S. Attorney Geoffrey Berman proclaimed before a phalanx of cameras that the feds were "proud" to stand up for Jeffrey Epstein's victims.

"My office will not rest until perpetrators of these types of crimes are brought to justice. Victims' voices, including the many voices of Epstein's alleged victims, must be heard," Berman said.

It wasn't always that way.

1450 by Stephen Rex Brown in New York. MOVED


^Judges hear Ghislaine Maxwell's plea to keep her testimony related to Jeffrey Epstein sealed<

EPSTEIN-MAXWELL-DEPOSITION:MI — Lawyers for Ghislaine Maxwell, the jailed alleged madam to disgraced financier Jeffrey Epstein, asked an appellate court Tuesday to block the release of a transcript of a controversial deposition on grounds it prejudices her right to a fair trial.

After two and a half hours, the three-judge panel appeared split. The judges did not rule from the bench and opted for issuing a written decision later.

1200 by Kevin G. Hall and Ben Wieder in Washington. (Moved as a national story.) MOVED


^Prosecutor: Ex-officers pinned George Floyd for 9 1/2 minutes, including after they couldn't find pulse<

^MINN-POLICE-DEATH-FINALMOMENTS:MS—<Prosecutors' latest narrative of George Floyd's final moments reveal that Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin pinned George Floyd's neck to the ground for 9 minutes, longer than previously cited, according to a court filing Tuesday.

The motion, in which Ellison's team argues for the admissibility of key evidence, provides the most detailed account yet of Floyd's final moments as attributed to body camera footage from three of the officers that has since been made public.

850 by Andy Mannix in Minneapolis. MOVED


^Teen accused in Kenosha shootings will not face gun charges in Illinois, prosecutors say<

WIS-PROTESTS-KILLINGS:TB — Kyle Rittenhouse will not face gun charges in Illinois related to the AR-15-style weapon he is charged with using to kill two men and wound a third during violent protests in Kenosha, Wisconsin, in August, prosecutors announced Tuesday.

700 by Dan Hinkel in Chicago. MOVED


^Hundreds of Florida nursing home residents likely died indirectly from Hurricane Irma, study finds<

FLA-IRMA-DEATHS:PT — Hurricane Irma caused the deaths of 134 Floridians in 2017, according to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. But the indirect death count likely was much higher, according to a study released last week that examined the deaths of 695 seniors living in nursing homes in the 90 days after the storm.

Researchers at the University of South Florida and Brown University used data from the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services to examine the health outcomes of nearly 62,000 people ages 65 and older in 640 Florida nursing homes. They focused on the health outcomes of residents within specific time periods — before, during and after Hurricane Irma. Then they compared the residents' health with people who lived in the same nursing homes during the same time period in 2015 — which had no hurricanes.

550 by Bailey LeFever in Tampa, Fla. MOVED


^Tourist brought AR-15 rifle, handgun to Disney World over worries about Orlando protests<

DISNEYWORLD-TOURIST-GUNS:OS — A South Florida man brought an AR-15 rifle and 9mm handgun with him on his Disney World vacation because he was worried about his family's safety during the social justice protests in Central Florida last month, according to the Orange County Sheriff's Office.

The 43-year-old Palm Beach Gardens man checked into the Polynesian Village Resort with his guns in a tennis bag on Saturday of the Labor Day holiday weekend, according to a newly released sheriff's incident report.

The man had a concealed weapons permit and was not arrested.

450 by Gabrielle Russon in Orlando, Fla. MOVED


^Citing potential intimidation, North Carolina elections board forbids stationing uniformed police at polls<

NC-POLLS-POLICE:RA — The State Board of Elections has told local elections officials not to have uniformed police or sheriff's deputies at polling places when voting starts this week in North Carolina.

The board says some voters would be intimidated by the sight of a law enforcement officer in uniform outside a polling place. A memo state board Executive Director Karen Brinson Bell sent to county boards Friday says it is not "appropriate or permissible for law enforcement to be stationed at a voting place."

650 by Richard Stradling in Raleigh, N.C. MOVED


^Outage on Virginia's voter registration deadline day triggers calls for extension<

VA-VOTER-REGISTRATION-2ND-LEDE:VP — On the last day to sign up to cast a ballot in the Nov. 3 election, Virginia's voter registration system broke down Tuesday, triggering statewide calls to extend the deadline.

In a news conference, Gov. Ralph Northam said the deadline is set in state code and he doesn't have the authority to change it, but that he would "support a court-ordered extension of the deadline."

400 by Ana Ley and Robyn Sidersky in Norfolk, Va. MOVED


^Prosecutors ask to keep details of George Floyd's 2019 arrest out of public view<

MINN-POLICE-DEATH:MS — Prosecutors in the death of George Floyd have asked the court to take the extraordinary step of withholding case filings from public view for at least two days, including the most recent defense filing that detailed his 2019 arrest.

Hennepin County District Judge Peter Cahill tentatively scheduled a hearing for Thursday on the prosecution's request. A media coalition, including the Star Tribune, opposes the motion.

600 by Rochelle Olson in Minneapolis. MOVED


^Texas adds 1.8 million registered voters since 2016 presidential election<

TEXAS-VOTER-REGISTRATION:AU — A record 16.9 million Texans are registered to vote in the Nov. 3 election, according to new data from the Texas secretary of state's office.

It's an increase of about 1.8 million voters since the 2016 presidential election, when 15.1 million, or about 78% of the state's voting-age population, registered to vote.

600 by Nicole Cobler in Austin, Texas. MOVED


^Anchorage mayor admits to 'inappropriate messaging relationship' with news anchor<

ANCHORAGE-MAYOR:AC — Anchorage Mayor Ethan Berkowitz apologized Monday for what he termed a "consensual, inappropriate messaging relationship" with Anchorage news anchor Maureen "Maria" Athens.

"I apologize to the people of Anchorage for a major lapse in judgment I made several years ago when I had a consensual, inappropriate messaging relationship with reporter Maria Athens," Berkowitz wrote in a statement Monday. "I'm embarrassed and ashamed for the hurt I've caused my family and our community."

950 by Michelle Theriault in Anchorage, Alaska. MOVED


^Former Idaho gubernatorial candidate charged with murder, kidnapping in 1984 Colorado case<

COLO-MISSINGGIRL:ID — Former Idaho gubernatorial candidate Steve Pankey has been indicted in a Colorado cold case involving the 1984 kidnapping and killing of a 12-year-old girl.

The case revolves around Jonelle Matthews, who went missing from her parents' Greeley home on Dec. 20, 1984. Her body was discovered July 24, 2019, in a field in rural Weld County.

600 by Ruth Brown in Boise, Idaho. MOVED


^Texas woman kills pregnant friend, cuts fetus from womb and calls baby her own, police say<

STOLEN-FETUS:NY — A Texas woman is accused of killing her pregnant friend and removing the victim's unborn baby from her womb in a violent attack that also resulted in the child's death over the weekend.

The suspect, 27-year-old Taylor Parker, was arrested in the neighboring state of Oklahoma after trying to pass the baby as her own just hours after the crime, authorities said.

250 by Nelson Oliveira. MOVED


^Trump snipes at Dr. Fauci as coronavirus feud spirals<

^TRUMP-FAUCI:NY—<The baseball mitts are coming off in the feud between President Donald Trump and Dr. Anthony Fauci.

Trump slammed the nation's top pandemic doctor for shifting advice about fighting the pandemic.

250 by Dave Goldiner. MOVED


^Baby survives after mother shot to death on Chicago's Far South Side, police say<

CHICAGO-SHOOTING-BABY:TB — A 35-year-old woman who was eight months pregnant was fatally shot in the back early Tuesday on the Far South Side, but doctors were able to deliver her baby at the hospital, according to Chicago police.

150 by Paige Fry in Chicago. MOVED

^2-year-old loses arm after reaching into wolf-dog's cage at grandmother's animal rehab facility<

WOLFDOG-ATTACK:NY — An animal rehabilitation center in Michigan is under investigation after a wolf-dog hybrid attacked the owner's 2-year-old granddaughter and ripped off one of her arms.

Conservation officers raided the facility Friday and learned the woman was "illegally breeding and housing" a variety of wild animals, including foxes, coyotes and wolf-dogs, a crossbreed between a wolf and a dog, according to the Michigan Department of Natural Resources.

450 by Nelson Oliveira. MOVED


^Black bear whose paws were scorched in North Complex fire returned to wilderness<

CALIF-WILDFIRES-BURNEDBEAR:LA — A 10-year-old black bear burned in California's North Complex fire has been released back into the wild after an innovative treatment helped heal his scorched feet, wildlife veterinarians said.

Officials with the California Department of Fish and Wildlife found the 370-pound bear in mid-September near the town of Berry Creek in Butte County, where the North Complex blaze has burned more than 318,000 acres since igniting Aug. 18. All four of the animal's paw pads had been burned and he was unable to walk on his own.

500 by Hayley Smith. MOVED


^Twin mountain lion cubs orphaned by Zogg fire find refuge at Oakland Zoo<

CALIF-WILDFIRES-CUBS:LA — Two mountain lion cubs left orphaned by a California wildfire have found refuge at the Oakland Zoo.

Officials said that both seem to be in good health and that the zoo "will give them a loving temporary home here at the hospital until a more permanent home can be found."

The female cubs, estimated to be about 5 weeks old, lost their mother to the Zogg fire, which ignited Sept. 27 about nine miles southwest of Redding. They are the second and third kittens orphaned by the fire to come to the zoo.

350 by Luke Money in Los Angeles. MOVED



^Cuba is elected to the UN Human Rights Council despite increased government repression<

UN-HUMANRIGHTS:LA — The United Nations General Assembly elected Cuba on Tuesday as a member of the Human Rights Council despite protests by activists and civil society organizations that have denounced multiple human rights violations committed by the Cuban regime.

Cuba got 170 votes out of 192 valid ballots.

450 by Nora G mez Torres. MOVED



^Scientists revive cells from 40-year deep freeze to clone endangered horse<

SCI-CLONED-HORSE:SD — Kurt looks and acts like any other young horse. He scampers and strides on springy legs, testing their strength. When it's time to recharge, he nuzzles up to his mother for some nourishing milk.

But Kurt is no ordinary horse. Kurt is a clone.

The 2-month-old colt is a Przewalski's horse, a species native to central Asia that once went extinct in the wild and is still critically endangered, with only about 2,000 remaining.

700 by Jonathan Wosen in San Diego. MOVED


^Could muck collected from an African lake by Kentucky researcher help millions avoid crisis?<

SCI-AFRICA-LAKEMUCK:LX — Muck collected from the depths of an African lake could potentially help an impoverished region avoid a looming humanitarian crisis, a new study authored by a University of Kentucky researcher shows.

The fish of Lake Tanganyika serve as an essential source of protein for people in four rapidly growing countries, said Michael McGlue, a professor of stratigraphy in the UK Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences, who has been studying the great lake — the world's second-oldest and second-deepest — for several years.

800 (with trims) by Rick Childress in Lexington, Ky. MOVED




NEWSBRIEFS:MCT — Nation and world news briefs.



^Can Democrats turn North Carolina blue? Latinos may hold the answer<

CAMPAIGN-NC-LATINOS:LA — In Siler City, where poultry trucks scatter feathers on the roads, Janet Pulido knocked on doors in a heavily Latino mobile home park on a recent autumn weekend, hoping to get out the vote.

At Interfood Plaza Latina in Raleigh, Sarahi Gonzalez held a sign in Spanish that read, "Register to vote here. Citizen? Over 18?" The first person the 18-year-old registered to vote that evening? Herself.

Across town, during halftime on a patchy grass soccer field — with the Honduran and Salvadoran teams tied — Sandra Amado G mez and her daughter rushed to register young spectators. They signed up four.

In this presidential battleground, as in much of the South, politics are typically viewed through a prism of Black and white.

But Latinos have become an increasingly important constituency in North Carolina, which, in the last three elections, has been one of the most closely fought states in the country. Polls suggest the race for the White House is once more a toss-up.

1650 by Brittny Mejia in Siler City, N.C. MOVED


^Mexico is poised to become the biggest legal marijuana market in the world. Who will most benefit?<

MEXICO-MARIJUANA:LA — Mexico's marijuana revolution is on display steps from the nation's Senate, where for the last nine months activists have maintained a fragrant cannabis garden.

Each day, hundreds of people stroll amid a labyrinth of towering green plants, freely lighting joints and getting high.

Their wafting smoke is meant to serve as a reminder to senators, who have to walk through the plumes to get to work. Lawmakers have until Dec. 15 to pass pot legislation under orders from the Supreme Court, which two years ago struck down a marijuana ban as unconstitutional.

After decades of restrictive drug policies that fueled deadly cartel wars, Mexico is poised to become the biggest legal cannabis market in the world.

The looming deadline has intensified debate over exactly what legalization should look like and whom it should benefit.

1350 by Kate Linthicum in Mexico City. MOVED




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